Myra Sri

Psychic CORE Toner Meditation


Guided Meditation: Strengthen the Aura and Energy Fields whilst strengthening the vital energy Core with this Energy Core and Psychic Body Core Toner. Builds a strong personal energy shield. Excellent for Sensitive types, or when needing extra auric support in trying times. Good as an energy booster and to rebuild personal energy reserves.  The Basic exercise for preparing the new Psychic Body, and to assist with the new evolved Psychic Chakras and Antennae development and support. Use at any time, day or night, before work and after…   Approx 16 minutes


This guided meditation strengthens one’s energetic Core and helps to build strong energy fields.  It is THE essential Guided Meditation for Sensitives, Psychics and Empaths.  It rebuilds the central Core and strengthens all of the energy bodies quickly.  Provides extra Auric strength in these current times, and helps to restabilise all energy systems.  The vital Core is energised, and feeds into a strong protective shield.  Energy reserves are re-established, nourished and boosted.  A great exercise to have in one’s personal psychic self-defence tool box.  Previously called the Psychic Body Toner Meditation.

Use at any time, day or night, before work and after…a MUST for energy workers and Sensitives.  Highly recommended for the exhausted, depleted and depressed.  Provides positive energy boost and helps seal the energy fields.

This is also a good basic preparation exercise to assist with the new Evolved Sensory Psychic Chakras and Antennae, providing foundational development and support.

Approx 16 minutes

One of the recommended Psychic Self-Defence techniques.

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