Myra Sri

The New Sensory Psychic Chakras

A brand new system has been revealed to support Sensitives, energy workers, healers, psychics, Indigos, Intuitives, the aware and visionaries the world over.  The New Psychic Body Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy are here to support and enhance our journey.

Just some of the Psychic Chakras…..

With so much environmental pollution, our normal senses can be compromised.  With so much current energetic pollution and fallout from the etheric and electromagnetic shifts and changes on our Planet, our energetic sensory anatomy can be contradicted or impacted.

We are constantly getting overloaded and clogged up with incoming vibrations, creating problems for many with lack of clarity in working with or interpreting correctly the incoming frequencies, and the intermittent ‘broadcasts’ from The Cosmos, The Galactic Center and the current Global Consciousness and Universal Energies as things shift, change, realign, redefine and generally cause occasional mayhem in navigating life, and confusion in the journey at this current stage of huge adjustment.


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