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We are all influenced by Contracts – they often form part of our daily life – whether it’s for work and wages, for shopping transactions, for driving our vehicle, for living in an owned or rented property… and in relationships. Contracts can be a good thing, when it truly reflects the understood agreement between the parties involved.  We can benefit from guarantees, promises to fulfil a service or standard, the ongoing status of a work or personal relationship.  However, they may also be used to control, restrict, or even to harm or distract one. 

So – What Is A Contract?  I like to look at the meaning of words and the very breakdown of words when I wish to understand them further… and a ‘Contract’ can have a broad range of meanings: Promise, Obligation, Agreement, Guarantee, Bond, Pledge, Commitment, Pact, Transaction, all usually enforceable by Law (legal).  Black’s Law Dictionary (11th Edition) has over 12 pages on Contracts alone.  But hopefully you get the general meaning as use of them in everyday life. 

Let’s look at the word CON-TRACT…   Con- is often used as a prefix for other words, such as Construct, Contain, Convene etc implying a specific application of the following section of word.  A CON is also commonly known as a deception – and we have all heard of the term Confidence Trickster…

What if Contracts are used against us rather than for our mutual benefit? 

What about the Energetic aspect of Contract / Con-Tracts…?  

ENERGETIC CONTRACTS – Energetic Meaning of Contracts:  A mundane or 3D contract operates usually by conscious agreement of some form (whether or not attention has been paid to its clauses or real structure in the small print or ‘little writing’) which is then usually applicable or exists in this lifetime only – unless it also binds future generations of the ‘contract partners’; for an energetic Contract knows no such time limitation.  Whilst 3D Contracts can also hold sway energetically speaking, it is because they USUALLY are ended or discharged during the current or applicable lifetime, and so they are less likely to impact on future incarnations.  Generally 3D or mundane and legal Contracts are a binding agreement that can exist contractually unless discharged, breached, terminated, completed, fulfilled or met.  (Or death discharges it).  (Contractually: but may con-tract-you-all- on all (many) levels or for all time).

Energetic Contracts, however, can extend way beyond a legal binding agreement especially if the Con-tract-or intends it on an energy level – such as marriage.

Let’s look at this quickly:

MARRIAGE CONTRACT – The marriage contract is generally used to ensure the validity and security of an intimate union. It allows for certain rights and protections. We are looking at it from an everyday practical viewpoint… though some of you are aware of other background agendas – nevertheless it is generally perceived as a positive step in maintaining family and all that family stands for. We also include those ‘marriages’ made without a legal license, those that are made from the heart, or even from temporary lust – for the energetic issues may well be similar, if not the same.

It is current practice to marry in a church of some sort, a registry office or to make ‘vows’ before a higher source (God, Universe etc). Now, if the relationship breaks down, the ‘marriage’ is considered as ended. Supposedly.  A decree of divorcement usually satisfies both parties… or does it? A divorce does signal a new status, a change in relationship, and the freedom to become single again or to find another (hopefully suitable) partner. But a decree nisi (or indeed the declaration of ending things) doesn’t undo all that took place during the commitment or marriage process. What has not been recognised are the levels of contracting that took place during their ‘ritual’ (which it was in actuality).  Those ‘bindings’, bondings and promises set up at the start MUST be as clearly and as intentionally and as wilfully unbound and unpromised at THE END.  

The initial Con-tract to begin a life together resounded on several levels such as these;

1 The Law – The obvious Legal marriage certificate that is lodged with the State etc – which is now null or voided by the State, meaning it no longer holds any significance or binding power.

2 The Pledges – The promises, church script or personal vows SPOKEN – together with their writing and intentions set in energetic motion.  Accompanied by emotional and will-full intention – a Spelling if you will.  Involving (usually) the heart, mind and emotion, and focussed on making a commitment on the physical / body level, as well as the financial, social, emotional, locational and all future aspects of life – together.  A joint combining and merging of both parties, their resources, intentions and their future. 3 Society & Culture – The public declaration before witnesses – some of whom may also have ‘sign-ed’ the legal certification.

4 The Celebration – or recognised ritual of solemnity and celebrating, congratulations and ‘feasting’ – the implied agreement and enforcement of the pact or contract between both parties by a number of others.

Due to the number of witnesses, and their group acknowledgements, and the joint perception on an energetic level, this is a pretty intense application of energy…  and quite rightly so for those who are well suited to each other…  But what if there have been other factors, other influences, other issues at play here, or even if things have played out due to karmic factors – what happens when it all goes wrong?  And the entanglement needs to be ‘untangled”?

The fact is, if will-full intent has been set up on so many levels with such energetic enforcement, will and strength, then these also need to be cleanly ended when the marriage is over.  In my own divorcement for example (though I have seen this played out in many other ‘ended’ relationships, it took many years for me to recognise the vows I had been subjected to and which I had set in motion myself that continued to still operate in my life – yes I certainly meant them at the time… but I thought I had subsequently consciously retracted them (re-tract-ed them) – though not yet energetically.  I also hadn’t recognised that the vows that were made by my partner, even though he had broken them many, many times, (thus in fact causing a breach of Contract, which meant that he had actually negated it and I hadn’t realised this) were still holding me accountable to keep up my side of the pledge, promise and agreement.  In my ignorance I continued to do so, with the hope that enough love and prayer would fix or change things.  When Enough was (indeed never) Enough, and I realised I had thoroughly had enough, I was unmistakenly challenged to end the marriage. I thought it was over… and it took some time for me to eventually find out that my Vows still existed energetically.  In short, the taking back of my own power to retract and discharge these ties and his contracts over me helped to restore my own autonomy regarding how I operated.  My finances were reclaimed back to myself (previously we had only ever ‘joint’ income), the vows made in church to ‘keep only unto’ etc were broken (from my perspective as he had broken them early on), ‘till death do us part’ was denied, though years later, during his illness I could sense him pulling on me to ‘be there’ for him as he claimed ‘I’ had promised etc.   The pull from others in the Church (and those witnesses and congregation originally present at our wedding) had to be recognised and dealt with, and the healing from emotional abuse had to be set in motion as I released this ‘other’s’ broken promises held deep in my heart.

An ex-partner may well continue to attempt to subjugate his partner to any number of hidden one-way contracts that he perceives he ‘deserves’ besides the obvious conscious one made when the couple first embarked on their relationship journey together.  The Sensitive may well feel the weight and the drain of these one-way hidden ‘duties’, ‘obligations’, responsibilities etc without being able to recognise or identify why…

Which brings us to another aspect of Contracts…


Silent Contracts can inhibit our Freedom, Rights, movement, expression, creativity, autonomy, success & prosperity. Spiritually, Contracts that are not recognised can arrest our spiritual growth, understanding and evolution.

Sensitives, especially Indigos, can be unknowingly subjected to these insidious control systems simply by virtue of empathically or energetically allowing space for another who has a control agenda or destroy-desire.

Sensitives often seek peace and balance, and are often more able to allow nonjudgmental space for another’s healing.  In this space, their boundaries soften, their sensory mechanisms heighten to assist in co-journeying with the other, and their sense of ‘self’ takes a backseat, so to speak, as they enter into the other’s story or experience, pain or hurt, illusion or perception… Every mature well-travelled spiritual-psychic has learned to recognise the difference between what is their own ‘stuff’ as opposed to the ‘stuff’ of the other… and many have developed their own particular psychic and spiritual protection tools and practices.  Nevertheless, when there is a previous memory or resonance of a similar experience within the facilitator, it is especially difficult for the Sensitive to recognise and separate this ‘other’ experience from their own, possibly triggering a past story within themself. When we extend our self, our heart or our energy to assist another, we are entering into a contract with them – though not all paragraphs or clauses of the contract have been transparently agreed upon….

For our general understanding of Contract is the familiar one of exchange; I give you or pay you this in exchange for that…. We do it all the time in work, when shopping or purchasing, and in many relationships.  Usually there is at the least a verbal arrangement or agreement… (except with some favours) and so we contract with each other in a mostly conscious way – unless the other has already quietly decided not to deliver their part when it is time to do so.  And so ‘break’ the Contract.  When this is accepted by both parties, we separate and proceed on our way, independently.

However – An ex-partner may well subjugate his partner to any number of hidden one-way Contracts he makes besides the obvious conscious one made when the couple first embarked on their relationship journey together.  The Sensitive may well feel the weight and the drain of these one-way hidden ‘duties’, ‘obligations’, responsibilities etc without being able to recognise or identify why…

How did this happen…?  Via Silent Contract…

The Silent Contract I am addressing here is the one that just one party (the other) has instigated… one that we may have been blind to, or have thought it hasn’t applied to us or we have ignored because we thought it insignificant or unimportant.  The usual Law of Contracts is that 2 (or more) parties make a promise or agreement together – and that when one has broken the terms of the Contract, it becomes no longer binding.  But we now understand that for the Sensitive, this also means that the energy or force of the binding of the agreement must be energetically and etherically dismantled… their sensitive sensory systems recognise an agreement is made on many energy levels, such as mental, emotional, psychic, spiritual, electromagnetic, astral, even physical levels – and some on the Soul level…. This requires conscious work and consciousness application to clear and finish on all levels.

Now let’s consider this aspect of the Silent Contract, the Contract put out on us, that when exposed, one may see it for all of its ridiculousness, it’s control attempt or for its self-serving manipulation…

How did it happen?  Maybe because we do not engage in the agreement or the hint of it, that we think that we are not held or bound by it.  Indeed, in some social and even spiritual circles, there is a current understanding that if you respond in ANY way to a viewpoint, stand, perception or challenge so as not to enter into contract with the author/s of the Contract, then you avoid being ‘Contracted’… and are thus avoid being bound by their Contract.  And in certain cases this can be true… However….

Legally, and energetically, there is also a form of Contracting that governments or corporations put out – that if you do NOT respond by actively refusing, non-consent-affirming, or denying their Contract, then you are indeed legally bound by it – the ‘reasoning’ being this; you did not respond to disagree or to not-consent which awards IMPLIED Permission and consent and therefore your complete agreement… Councils do this all the time, sneaky government officials keep quiet about certain proposals and commit tax-payer funds to a variety of causes the public are kept ignorant of and who certainly wouldn’t have agreed to if given the honest opportunity to voice a choice.


Contracts must be kept current – and conscious – must be kept transparent and in full mutually beneficial agreement, and must be honoured.  If for any reason there is a breach, it is wise to review, renegotiate, retract, fulfil or discharge in order to end.

Here is a sample Statement to work with:

“I now 100% easily and safely de-tract, retract and de-consent, null, void and negate ALL those Contracts that I no longer agree to or that have been placed on me without my permission, will or knowledge.  I reclaim my Freedom; I now choose to be Free.”

Here are some Contracts to consider, to cull or to bring forward renewed into 2024:

Types of Contracts;

  • Binding
  • Legal
  • Societal / Social
  • Mutual
  • Family / Duty – Marriage etc
  • Partnership
  • Business / Work
  • Transactions – Trans-Actions
  • Verbal
  • Silent

A Contract may also lead to a Construct of restriction being set upon one’s life, health, journey or future. More on this to come.

We wish you well in your Contracting, retracting and the Construction of your better future.

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