Myra Sri

Chakra-Protect Meditation


Guided Meditation: Comprehensive Chakra Sealing and Close Down Process for anyone unsure of their energetic status. Excellent for Sensitive Types, Practitioners, Psychics, Empathics and Energy Workers. Fantastic for Computer people a well as those working creatively, or anyone who does a lot of thinking and mind work. This is a specific Guided Meditation for overwhelmed Chakras, and for those who feel like they are continually ‘too open’. Vital for clearing the head at night before sleep. It is also a comprehensive Chakra Sealing and Close Down Process for anyone who is unsure of their Chakras energetic status.   Approx 9 minutes


Energy Secrets Excerpt – a Protocol Guide to assist clearing and Close-Down after being energetically open or working energetically.  We often forget to reset our energy fields and systems after spiritual or energetic work, or after being in an intimate space where energetic cross-referencing can occur.

This is a complete protocol taken from a successful training series based on Spiritual Protection and Psychic Self-Defence.  It honors the basics of energetic Ethics and Energy Management.  You are guided through a series of statements and affirmations to address a variety of common energetic issues an Empathic, Sensitive or Spiritual-Psychic can experience on a daily basis.  Students and Clients can use this for an end of day clearing process.  Energy Healers, Kinesiologists, Counsellors, Masseurs and other Therapists can use this for disconnection Protocols at the end of stressful sessions or at the end of their working day.  The Protocol can be used at any time, even lying in bed at night to ensure that no other energies have become confused or associated with one’s own – thus providing one to sleep in one’s ‘Own Space’.  Fantastic for Computer people, and those working creatively, in fact for anyone who does a lot of thinking and mind work.

Also a handy preparation protocol for before working with clients to avoid cross-contamination to them from our own personal issues.

Approx 9 minutes

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