Myra Sri

Terms & Conditions


You have my guarantee that if this product does not work for you, then your money will be refunded back to you.

You also have a 60 day Guarantee with PayPal when you pay through them. This ensures your investment.  For the Kindle versions, you have Amazon’s Guarantee too.

You also have my guarantee that your buying email address will not be sold, borrowed, or given to anyone else.  Any of your details are private and will remain so.


60 Day Warranty: Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.  I am a professional, and value my reputation.  I stand by my word.


You agree not to copy any of the products or books to others, not to resell, or to pass around unless to render emergency help.  My books are copyright, and have taken many years to produce.   You also agree to honor the author in this, and gain permission before reproducing any part of this book.

You agree to honestly try the concepts for 30 days before seeking any refund.

You agree not to pass on meditation recordings to others.  If you ‘lend’ out, a donation is acceptable to offset any energetic obligation obligation.

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