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Energy Healing & Kinesiology

Kin-esiology ( kin-easy-ology)

The blossoming of Kinesiology into so many different forms in such as short time is perhaps the best confirmation that it works.  Another confirmation is the enthusiasm and professionalism that many creative and dedicated practitioners have brought to it. These pioneers are constantly expanding the frontiers and exploring possible applications.

The intrinsic excitement that drove so much research in this field may have emanated through being involved in a science of biofeedback that is in a dynamic process of evolution and awareness.

Australia is seen by many to be a country at the fore-front of this science with an increasing number of world-respected kinesiology researchers and teachers.  Upon a recent visit to England, I discovered that by comparison, kinesiology is much more known and accepted in Australia.  It is cheaper, more accessible, more diverse, and more prolific, and from what I saw, having lived for some time in various Australian states, particularly in Melbourne.  I cannot make any comparisons with the U.S. as I am aware of the reputation of some bible-belt communities that actually see anything not administered by a registered AMA member as being ‘witchery’… Though I have also come across this prejudice in England too.

This, of course, is not a conclusive or in depth study, but simply my own personal observation – and so if you live in an area where you experience the same, that is fantastic.  I have lived in England, and in Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne, and so have based my assessment (which is always open to further information) on my own personal experiences only.

Keeping up with Change in an Energetic World

The face of kinesiology has changed, and continues to change, since its first inception on these shores of Australia.  Its history began with the establishing of TFH (Touch for Health) which actively engaged the energy systems called Meridians (from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Systems) and has since continued to develop, research and gain from this now ancient (and comparatively simple yet) amazing technology.  Mostly initially connected with chiropractic work, it has evolved into other channels.

There is a consensus that kinesiology deals with energy.  The first part of Kin-esiology  – KI – means Energy or Chi. The –ology represents Science or Study. So Kinesiology originally represented the Science and Study of Energy within the Body.  Today it has developed into various streams of energy work, and now includes the branching of certain modalities involved with vibrational energy and the body and its various energetic components and on various energy levels.

So we are clearly dealing with energy.

Now it is also understood that energy, like electricity, generally can’t be seen.  We know that it works because we can demonstrate that it works.  We may even be able to sense that it works: in the changed tone of a client, in their changed posture, facial changes, thinking and expressing and in a variety of ways that clients report the felt or ‘sensed’ changes they experience.  Some sensitive clients can even note that their smell or hearing sense is improved, or the ‘nasty taste’ has left their mouth.  Others may even claim that they feel ‘lighter’.

I have been to demonstrations, and even early on experienced for myself during a session, that there was ‘a lot of energy’ involved.  I took this to mean that this was a ‘powerful’ healing session.  I later came to understand that this was not necessarily so.  That there may have been a lot of energy involved, that could be felt, sensed or experienced, but that this did not necessarily equate to change…

This same energy just got simply reabsorbed back into the client’s aura, or even the practitioners.  A bit like having a lot of smoke, but the fireworks not really taking off.  So I no longer go for the sense of  ‘a lot of energy’ being raised up.  I find huge changes can be made in more subtle energy experiences.  However, this is simply my experience, and so all I can relate to you in honesty is what I know and have experienced for myself.

However, this I do know.  To me the true testament to actuality in change through working with energy is the report from the client that things have changed in their lives and / or attitude.  (And we know that Energy can be measured, photographed, felt, and viewed by clairvoyants, so change to original energy profiles can be proven.)

So if therapists, whether kinesiologists or others, have been working with energy all this time, just what has changed that we need to be aware of or to keep up with?

Our understanding has changed!

Before, we worked blind most of the time, noting the changes, and accepting them, without realizing what we were actually working with.  In a manner of speaking, ‘What you cannot see, you cannot acknowledge’. Though we can acknowledge that we are working with energy, and that there are energetic changes taking place, we may not know just what these changes are, and of the actual consequence of these changes on an energetic level.  We may guess, but we don’t know.  Its subjective.  Unless one has a crystal ball.  And can use it properly!

Understanding Energy and Energy Healing

One school of thought states that in certain circumstances, when emotions are accessed, the ‘uncovering /release’ of these emotions creates the energetic catalyst or change that results in a canceling of the original imbalance or issue.  Another school states that infusion of a certain emotion or energetic vibration cancels or defuses a previous energetic or emotional state.  The general message being that opposite emotions cannot occupy the same place / space.  This may be true, and also may be simplistic.  It certainly happens.  (Though I do know of people who have experienced great fear and great love together…)

However, it is not necessarily the whole story.

Just what happens on an energetic level when, let’s say, a negative emotion is cancelled out or changed by a positive emotion or an energetic application?  Where does the original energy go?  What does it really look like?  What happens to it?

There are a several types of reaction that take place, such as an energetic explosion, where the original emotional issue implodes in on itself, or where there is an express or outer energetic explosion, with some energetic fallout.  There can be a part explosion, whilst other aspects of the issue have yet to be identified still.  This can result in fragmented energetic fallout.  The issue may be part of a larger thoughtform, which has not been fully diffused in entirety,

So just what happens to this fallout, or these explosion fragments?  Because they cannot be seen, they may not be recognised and so not acknowledged.  For practitioners, this can spell ill health down the track, or energetic interference both with their work, and with their own lives and issues.

When using kinesiology, and as a practitioner and kinesiology trainer myself, I can advise that the facilitator take steps to monitor any energetic impacts and explosions.  For many years I sought energetic protection and attended workshops, read books, tried all sorts of gimmicks, exercises and potions to find what worked effectively for myself and my clients.  Over the years I was forced to dig deep and because of teaching classes on kinesiology and also on advanced healing modalities, I designed and developed specific energy protection workshops on just this and taught these to clients, students and a variety of practitioners, experts, psychics, consultants and counselors.

 To get the information out to the general public – we all get ‘socked’ by being around certain people and places don’t we? – I wrote this book; ‘Secrets Behind Energy Fields’.  I hope it helps until you develop your own personal system.  Blessings as you navigate your way through the energy seas that surround us.

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