Myra Sri


Far too many testimonies have been collected over the years to list here, and many verbal thanks and expressions of gratitude have had to remain just that; Verbal, though the word-of-mouth testimony has often brought the right people at the right time to my door.  To give a sense of what others think of the work, here are a few samples of unsolicited testimony.

Testimonials – Myra’s work

I cannot even begin to describe the difference – The energy and connection I feel is so completely different –  the best words I can find is that it feels ‘solid’. There has been a profound shift that was instantaneous. Not only that, I don’t feel uncertain and insecure. I feel like the session has salvaged my relationship and has transformed my experience of motherhood and I cannot thank you enough – from the bottom of my soul!!!   Sarah

Myra has stopped my addictions to alcohol and coffee and cured me of a persistent back problem.  I think she is the best no matter what the problem, emotional or physical.   Greg Burke

Myra, I have started to feel so much better, and healed.  Thanks again for the wonderful healing.       Ashish

Myra, your positive messages are always so uplifting. Thanks, Myfanwy

My whole life has changed dramatically and I also now approach my clients in a subtle new way. Your work has opened up a brand new spectrum to me. My sincere thanks, Myra, for your wonderful information. I urge others to learn and enjoy with Myra, who presents her work with much love and caring.    Evonne B, Victoria

The difference this has made in my work is incredible. I have cleaned up a lot of  debris and attract a different type of client. It was and is a joy to work with the techniques I have learned. What a gift.    Annie S

Myra, thank you so much for your gifts -I want to learn everything I can from you – please teach me more!  Let me know when any of your workshops are on.  I want to add your knowledge to what I already know and do.         Fellow kinesiologist

Testimonials – Myra’s books

‘Thanks Myra, for what you taught me, and for your research into this area.  I felt like I was going to collapse until I used this information! It makes so much sense, and is such a help when I am not sure what is going on.  Every success with your amazing ebook.’  T M, UK

‘Hey, Myra, thank you so much for putting this together.  I work with it constantly, as I see clients, and I always need to refer to this system either for them, or for myself after seeing them. The collection of information is amazing.’    Donna M, Toronto

”I can’t thank you enough for what you have brought into my life … it has really helped.  I use your information continually, as it never fails.  My energy  relationships are so much more easy to navigate, and my work interactions are so much clearer.  Thank you for putting together this amazing system!’   Miffy, San Francisco

‘Thanks Myra, for your amazing information.  It explained a lot to me, and I look forward to putting it all into practice.  It gave me such insight, I want to know more.  Let me know when you have other ebooks ready.’   Con, Los Angeles, US

‘I now realize how I left myself so open to others, and let people overpower me with their wants and needs.  This is liberating! My energy is improving as I reclaim it back, and I can still be there for others. I know now I can care ABOUT them without having to care FOR them. Thanks.’  Barbara, New Zealand

”I wasn’t sure at first, but thought that I would try it to see if it helped.  It sure has made a difference. I sleep better, have more energy and I feel stronger around my toxic in-laws.  I don’t have to avoid ‘doing my duty’ now!”    Kristy, Boston


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