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What is a ‘Construct’?

In my previous post, we had a look at Contracts.  And their ability to bind and hold one, whether in legal form, by an oral agreement or a covert ‘silent’ contract.  Now we take a brief look at Constructs. 

Clients and students may well have heard of this term during a healing or counselling session with me but may not have fully comprehended the implications.  So – what is the difference between an energetic Contract and a Construct?

The dictionary meaning of Construct in 3D or physical terms, is both the act of building something and the possible end result – though this is usually referred to as a construction / construct-ion ( noun).  To construct (adjective) is to assemble, to put together substances or parts in order to build or bridge something – such as a house, a building or specific structure – Physically.  A draftsman or engineer can put together a mental and documented construct, and a dress designer will construct an image mentally, then graphically, of a garment and its various specific materials.  These can then become a physical product.

An energetic Construct is usually not a shared agreement, but rather the ‘builder’s’ act and will, (or Act of Will) for something they want to happen.  It is usually based on the builder’s will and desire, and theirs alone.  It doesn’t necessarily take into account what any other relevant parties want for themselves as they are not really or fully considered.  It’s what someone wants to happen – whether it’s agreed to or not.

Looking at life, one might well be able to see certain things in their past, even going back to childhood, where another’s will had sway over them – not just for that present moment, but to fulfil a particular role into the future, or to behave or render service until it was no longer required.  These Constructs have just as much holding power, if not more, as Contracts.  More insidious than Silent Contracts, Constructs need to be recognised and dismantled to end their grip.

Constructs can be found on many – indeed it’s happened to me several more times than I care to mention. 

For instance, some time back I was asked about putting on some more workshops.  It wasn’t on my immediate agenda then, I hadn’t planned any more for a couple of years due to the tremendous energy and focus in guiding people safely through any energetic issues that (almost always) arises in these intense teaching spaces – but I was willing to consider and to look at the possibility, and at the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ etc….  Which after joint discussion would then possibly result in an agreement or verbal Contract between us.  I requested a couple of weeks to think things through.  Yes, this was fine, was the response. 

Shortly after (within days) there followed several phone calls telling me that people were so pleased I was teaching, and were already registering for the workshops, and saying which ones they wanted me to put on, and the dates for them.  Which were in just in a few weeks time.  Having already said clearly that I needed to think about them as I couldn’t possibly do them for some time, if at all – certainly not till a few months after Christmas, because in order to fit her and her friends / clients requirements they would need to be tweaked and even possibly re-designed – this then came as a bit of a pushy surprise. 

Energetically, I could feel the push, the wilful assertion over me.  It clouded my mind to a degree, and made it difficult to focus on the other scheduled things I needed to be doing.  It kept popping into my mind over and over about the workshops, distracting me from what I was doing, taking my attention from other things and it felt like it was taking energy from me.  I started losing sleep trying to work out how I could do the workshops earlier.  It took several days for me to realise that this internal pressure wasn’t mine, the anxiety and push to ‘make this happen’ asap wasn’t mine either. 

I had been Construct-ed

A mental and energetic Construct had been placed on me to make the workshops happen – and for a variety of reasons: they wanted the course information as of yesterday, they wanted it in their time on their terms and the initial requester wanted me to fulfil her rash promises to the ones she had already spoken to about it and enlisted (constructing them too so she could get to participate in the teachings), and she wanted (needed?) to look good in ‘getting things moving’ – not to mention so that her premature plans wouldn’t make her look silly if they didn’t happen. 

I had not even agreed to do them, and here I was being manipulated into pushing everything else aside to make this happen – because she wanted me to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching!  But I also don’t like being pushed or energetically bullied into something when I’m not ready or it doesn’t feel ‘right’.  Not any more.  I have fulfilled others workshop needs in the past, feeling the pressure to deliver without understanding how or why that happened.  And now the older I get the less I get caught in this.

It wasn’t easy telling her exactly what she had done – but I had to do so or how would she know? Seeing as she was a client and wanted to be a student, it was all part of her learning too.  I needed more time, in my time, if I was to set up any more workshops.  Needless to say, she didn’t really get it and we eventually parted ways.  In retrospect she wasn’t ready to learn from me as it wasn’t the first time she hadn’t paid attention to an important lesson. 

Care must be taken with any Construct!  It is not good or healthy spiritual practise or energetic ethics to Construct someone regardless of their will or permission.  You do NOT override the Will of others – the spiritual must work in mutual collaboration, mutual cooperation, mutual respect.  The psychic may indeed be capable of pushing their own agenda, but it carries a karmic price-tag…!

In short, be very careful of being energetically constructed, constricted and restricted by another in order for them to get their needs met – and be just as mindful and careful in recruiting others energetically for your own purposes.  It can lead to complicated energies and vibrational disresonance. We are in a time where we are required to be responsible, respectful, accountable and in integrity.  Doing so and Be-ing so will hasten our spiritual evolution and our ultimate vibrational ascension.


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