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Vibrational Energy Healing

vibrational energy healing – energy is everywhere

Energy Healing

Vibrational Healing can be another term for energy healing. It is about the quality of the energy frequency used. Many people and nations are aware of the power of positive thought, positive prayer, positive actions, positive energy.  Some are aware of energy around them, in their hands, in the environment, in their homes.

Others are able to access the kind of energy that can allow for healing.  In the right space.

Still others are magicians at utilising energy, meta-users, manipulators of existing energy.  These abilities to ‘work’ with energy, to ‘pump up’ energy, to ‘cook’ it, to build it up and shift it, do not always guarantee that actual healing has taken place.  I will compare it to a souffle – when the bubbles and froth settle, there is very little of substance left. The energy used in their vibrational healing does not always hold the frequency for healing…

When I first started working with energy whilst balancing the Chakras and the various energy fields at the same time, vast amounts of energy were felt…  I was amazed at the impact that my hand could have when placed in a particular place at a particular time.  This was to become a valuable lesson to me, as I lent myself to others to work on, to practise on. Much energy was felt – tingles, shivers, warmth, tremors, emotions, even tears – and I later thought the issue had been dealt with.

I had no idea of the absorption of energy, of the impact of energy between client and facilitator.  Certainly lots of vibrations, but was it true vibrational healing?  I had a big lesson to learn, and an interesting journey to follow in order to understand this.  What I did learn was that not everyone claiming to be ‘enlightened’ (would one even claim this if one really was, I wonder?), not everyone claiming to be a ‘master’ was really one (but ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ was alive and well) and not everyone boasting of their abilities and training had progressed past apprenticeship and basic 101 capability.

light, etheric and chakras in balance


LightWorkers – Really…?

Indeed, in my sojourn through the terrain of energy healing modailities, esoteric teachings, masters, gurus and the so-called enlightened, I was to discover many purporting to be LightWorkers that were actually only twilight-masters. Or less.

The ability to market and to sell them-self often superseded the ability to be what they claimed.

I no longer use that term of LightWorker – it is too tainted for me now, but I embrace the term of Light Seeker, or Light Bringer…

True healing can be achieved with little apparent drama and glamour. A real shift can be achieved without signing up for a lifetime of sessions.  True autonomy can be achieved without having to stay connected to any one facilitator or teacher for life.

Healing Energies

Energy is the building block of the Universe. It is what is manifest, what brings change, what maintains and what flows through all things.

Real Healing energy always has to be associated with non-judgment, with non-agenda, with what is actually required, not what is the desired outcome (based on a familiar model) from the practitioner.  The vibration of LOVE is a major key to any healing.

Someone once said to me that; ‘Truth, in the presence of Love, Heals’

This says so much to me. The Truth is the identifying of the true cause, the true freeing statement, the true touch, guided by the hand, heart and mind of Love; total acceptance without one’s ego dictating any other outcome than that which is right for the client right there, right then.

Discovering the different energies and frequencies, the varying appropriate vibrational applications could only enhance my surrendering to being in the moment when facilitating with my client. Discovering my proneness to taking on my client’s energy and issues led me to working ever more ethically and cleanly, so much so that I was asked to teach others on the ethics and hygiene of energy work and energy engagement.

Meeting many masters and gurus along the way that persisted that their way was the only healing way, their way was the one-stop-healing-shop, their modality was the only true ‘recognised’ ‘Master’ accreditation program, all of these things gave me cause to examine closely what I was doing, how I was doing it, what was different with how ‘others’ did it, and exactly what results were achieved.  And HOW those results were achieved… I came to realise I was far too humble, too concerned about ‘being out there’, and that my work was just as good if not better than theirs.  I took a lot of convincing by my clients that they thought I was the best healer they had ever been to, the best facilitator they had ever had a session with, and that they had achieved more with me in one session than they had for a year with other practitioners.  Over time, I myself came to recognise what I was able to achieve.

Unseen Helpers to the Soul

I think this is because I am able to set a ‘Safe’ space, a non-threatening space, an understanding space. When I am in ‘work’ mode, the energy vibration immediately increases; as I prepare for a client, for a session, my everyday vibration begins to rise; energetic preparation begins to take place in my clinic, in the inter-dimensional work space and in my own Heart, Chakras and energy fields etc.

When I connect with my client, I look at the issue from different viewpoints, and I check in with the person’s Soul.  And their own unseen helpers.

I do not work on my own, I am assisted – or rather, I do the ‘assisting‘. And the client never arrives on their own; their helpers and their own Soul brings their own To-Do List with them.

And we just work with the priorities as they present themselves.

And it is always a privilege to work at this level!

Learning about the various frequencies, the various appropriate vibrations, and how these assist to a cleaner, pleasanter, more supported shift in energy, has only enhanced my enjoyment in this work.  I can work with essential oils, with shell essences, with crystals, with aura-soma and other vibrational medicines or colour therapies, with my own special blends for specific purposes, with sound, and with other modalities of vibrational energy therapy.

And I can work totally without them.

I know how to channel their energies. And can send these energies to a client who needs them. This is not meant to be a brag, but a statement and indication of the quality of clean frequency required to assist in a true vibrational energy healing session. It took me many years to do so naturally, easily, immediately.

new spiritual evolved chakra balancing & healing

Changes in Vibrational Medicine Frequencies

I also found that over time, various vibrational remedies had shifted in their frequency.  In response to the Earths’ rise in hertz and the cyclical pole shifts, my crystals had stopped working as they had before – they had ‘fallen asleep’. I also found my oils needed a rest for several years, and when I began using them again, they were accessing new developed and evolved Chakras and anatomy; their capabilities had enhanced.

Essential Oils were spanning the new Chakras, were hitting ancient keypoints, were accessing certain meridians.  This was documented and I wrote ‘Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Etheric Color Codes of Essential OIls‘. Then I reactivated my crystals and wrote what I had learned in ‘The New Crystal Codes – Align Your Crystals to the New Energies‘. These books (and more) are available online (Amazon plus in paperback from good booksellers).

Or you can order direct from me.

Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy

The New Crystal Codes

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