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About this website

We are living in unique and extra-ordinary times – and such times require unique and extra-ordinary solutions… This website seeks to share some of the information that has been forthcoming since the turn of this century.

Since around 2000, new energy waves of photonic and light particles have been bombarding this planet – and humanity. It is time for change, and many can attest to the huge shifts and changes that have taken place – and continue to do so – so much so, that we can hardly recognise the planet as it was ‘back then’ with the many changes in society, cultures, morality and ethics, technological advancements, critical thinking, and a whole range of issues and areas of life. Society changes over time, this is is obvious, however many of the current changes have not necessarily been organic, but engineered. Little – if any – respect has been given to those that deserve it or have earned it, but this has been going on for quite some centuries anyway. The times we now find ourselves in is indeed a time of massive change, where many of the past engineerings, manipulations, constructings and controllings that have gone largely unquestioned are now being scrutinised… And many of us are aware, or in the process of becoming so, of just WHY we chose to be here at this critical time in humanities evolution.

The waves of Light that are revealing all that has been hidden, alongside the purveyors of darkness pushing their agendas, has created a chaotic scenario. The old spiritual tools are being challenged against these agendas. We are needing to upgrade our tools and understandings, our self knowledge and energetic rights in order to be able to withstand the onslaught and determination of those who wish to take our very Souls and Light.

Working with Divine Source and Masters, the information on the new Spiritual and Evolved Chakras began asserting itself in 2000. The full wealth of information has not yet been fully documented as the evolution continues, but verified and workshopped information has been made available in the form of books. To tell one that the 9th Earthing Chakra (‘The New Evolved Chakras’ book) is a key to resisting enslavement and in being one with one’s freedom rights will not necessarily mean a lot unless one knows something about these Grounding & supporting Chakras and has acknowledged and cleared the previous Earthing Chakras, essential to getting to that point, to that step… We have documented these (and much more) to enable you to navigate towards your energetic and spiritual freedom – and made the information available in full colour. Despite the cost to self publish, and the cost to you for the book, (I once saw it for sale on one site for $154.50), each sale only yields me around $5 – $11 AUD, which just helps cover costs in making this available. I get many messages from healers and energy practitioners on the accuracy and efficacy of the information and knowledge contained, so my primary goal of making a positive difference and sharing is met.

Whatever your path, whatever your mission or purpose, I sincerely hope that you find the answers you need to encourage you forward.


About Myra Sri

Myra was born an Indigo Sensitive into a family ill-equipped to assist and nurture her.  Acting as surrogate for the family problems and issues semi-prepared her for eventually understanding and working in a world of conflicting energies.  The close-down of her own gifts from family conditioning, denials and punishments pushed her reliance onto her own Soul and spiritual resources, and eventually gave way to a more comprehensive understanding of subtle body anatomy.

Myra began her healing and kinesiology career in the late 80’s. Having a background in corporate and accounting industries, in both large and small concerns, and gaining further life experiences in the advertising, entertainment, building and development, Myra found that she had a good basic understanding of some of the problems encountered in the workplace. Raising three children and surviving an oppressive religious evangelical background and violent closet alcoholic husband gave her further understandings on cults and domestic terrorism.

Her kinesiology career expanded to include work with Trauma, the neurology, and the recognition of impacts on the Soul through previous incarnations and experiences, blockages and karmic related issues.  Personal experience, spiritual awareness, vibrational energy trainings and mentorings, and a variety of esoteric studies has honed her work to a fine degree. With over 30 years of study, training and experience and because of her extra-ordinary abilities as a healer / facilitator, Myra is able to reach levels and dimensions in a way that few can accomplish.  Her work can address the mundane, yet include both the physical and the metaphysical, spiritual, soul-journeying, karmic and psychic aspects.

Sensitives and the traumatised have benefited from working with Myra.

Channeling from Source enabled her to hear, track, illustrate and document the new Extra-ordinary Evolved Chakra systems.

Interested in assisting those who wish to help themselves and who can’t attend her workshops or kinesiology trainings, she has published a book series: Energy Healing Secrets Series.

She continues to write, documenting her research and her advanced healing modalities and information.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

No Artificial Intelligence has been used in any aspect of creating this website, its contents, or the products offered. All are from authentic human and spiritual intellect and creativity. There is NO CONSENT or permission for AI in any form to collect, accumulate, corrupt, utilise, copy or publish in any way the information here. Artificial Intelligence is NOT God, is not A God and is not an overreaching power – Artificial Intelligence is just a collection of programmed, installed, specified DATA – not necessarily TRUTH or FACT. It cannot possess Consciousness – it cannot replace a Human BE-ing. It may be of much use when applied in a positive or beneficial way for Human Kind and I for one, hope and trust that this is the ultimate way for this technology to go.

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