Myra Sri

Body-Mind-Spirit Ethics

Are you seeking solutions past the merely physical…?

Are you aware that a Holistic perspective is required to find a better reality, a better health, a better attitude…?

Have you ever felt compromised when having energy work done with and for you? Have you ever felt worse after a session, rather than better – the long-term affect negating any immediate benefit or sense of relief?

Have you ever performed energy healing work on someone and suffered at some future time with overwhelm, or become ill for no apparent reason yourself?

How can this be…?

Many work with energy, but it is surprising how few actually understand the impact of accessing and adjusting energies can have.  Particularly if you are Sensitive.  And this has become increasingly more important than ever before.

We are now moving into an age where ethical energetic interactions and interchanges are of paramount importance in protecting both ourselves and our clients.  This is a change we must make. How to have better and cleaner connections with others is dealt with in my HygienEthics (C) Workshop Series and some of this information is shared in my book ‘Secrets Behind Energy Fields‘.

We cannot allow ourselves to be half-hearted, when we deal with dis-ease interactions, low grade energy imbalances, pathological energies, toxic energies, psychotic energies, trauma residues or the myriad of different energies that result from energy work.  We owe it to our clients, and more importantly, we owe it to ourselves.

In this current climate of energetic change as being the ‘norm’, it is important that the practitioner is constantly vigilant energetically to protect both her/him self and their clients.  And to become familiar with the various forms of unseen energetic issues arising from trauma, stress and change, and also as a consequence of dealing with the same.

In this way, the practitioner can assist not only themself, but also have the necessary knowledge to navigate their client energetically through a variety of energetic vulnerabilities to sustained health and wholeness again.

Cheers & Good Health!
Myra Sri

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