Myra Sri

The New Evolved Chakras

New Chakras and New Subtle Body Anatomy

There has been much written about the existing and recognised Chakra System.  Many varieties and interpretations of application and meaning have been devoted to these, and they have assisted many.

Source Unknown-2008

However, we are now in a New Era – and along with this we are developing and evolving a higher spiritual potential through a more evolved subtle energetic structuring.  This is a momentous time in the Planet’s history, filled with massive change opportunities.  Some are following dark roads, whilst others are seeking more of the Light.  Those seeking the Light can find an enhancement of well-being in this new anatomy, giving them extra ‘muscle’ and protection as they navigate the plethora of energies – good, bad and just plain uncomfortable – during these current times.

For a variety of reasons I have found it necessary to dedicate a separate website to these relatively new Chakras and their anatomy.  This new main resource website focuses on these alone.  So if you wish to know more about this latest etheric revolution available to humanity, and this site doesn’t give you enough information, then you can go to for more info.

The site is constantly being added to, so if you are looking for something not already yet finished posting then you can contact me with your request, or get the book on it all ;

Cheers and Blessings

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