Myra Sri

After A Session

After a Vibrational Energy Healing session with Myra:

Firstly; Well done for choosing to create positive change in your life! Thank you for your trust and confidence in the work we have done together.

Next, some things you may need to know:
Energy healing is a powerful way of addressing imbalances in the being and in the body. Changes can be instigated immediately, and many report a sense of ‘light’-ness and clarity. Others feel ‘happily relaxed’ and some ‘revitalised’, depending on their own response and the issues dealt with. Energy shifts are processed during the session, and also after it, as the new state becomes your reality.
As it has been known for full integration of the session to take up to three days, it is usually best to simply ‘be’ and avoid taking on anything stressful, or of doing something more challenging than usual.
During this time it is recommended to ensure sufficient nutrition, and in particular Vitamin C and extra water. This allows the clearing of toxic residues in the energy fields and body that have been released during the session to be fully eliminated. If any apparent discomfort or concern continues, please contact me. If you experience anything you feel bothered about during the three days, also contact me. This access immediately after a session is part of the session.
As healing is a co-operative journey between us, and we endeavour to not only be your guide and facilitator, part of your healing journey is to assist you toward energy self management. We have worked on whatever was presented during the session, and to the level that your body could ‘hold’ safely. Usually the next level or layer arises to be addressed within another three to four weeks. If you are in doubt as to what to do, you are welcome to call me.
Where possible we endeavour to give you everyday tools to support you. Some of you are indeed on a journey, and have arrived at a place where you are ready to relinquish and transform not just events, blockages or contaminations from this lifetime, but also from other lifetimes of. Some clients view me as a life (and spiritual) coach, whilst others continue to have sessions to ‘debrief’, polish-up skills, tune-up, ‘clean-up’ or to re-focus on new goals.


When you book for a follow-up session, please keep us informed of any other energy modalities you may undertake so that there is no conflict of energetic frequencies or integrity to any process you are going through. Over the years we have worked alongside many other practitioners and modalities, and some can be undertaken concurrently, whilst others can be scheduled time-wise to allow optimum integration and results. (For example, it is good to do an energy healing session within 3 days of having an osteopathic, chiropractic or physiotherapy session – the energy blocks released through their work is released out into the energy fields, but can be absorbed back into the cellular level again if not cleared energetically. This also applies to the mental body when working with psychology and counselling. Energy clearing maximises the other therapy sessions and powers through issues more cleanly and quickly, reducing treatments by many years. – Ask if you are not sure. Reiki sessions are best kept entirely separate as Reiki energies are more limited than the range of energies we access.)
Also, remember that we are able to offer you biofeedback (kinesiology testing) on any substances or nutritional supplements as well as to identify and clear stress or trauma etc. This can easily be incorporated in your session. Just let me know when making a booking as you may have to bring some of your substances with you.
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Blessings and Good Health.

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