Myra consults both personally and also via  Remote Sessions. Remote or Distance Consultations can be facilitated by phone or by Skype.  Appointments can be made to suit your time zone as well as Myra’s.

Energy Clearing over distance can be quite profound.  Clients report feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘clearer’ and ‘myself again’.  Access to your Energy Systems for healing work is only performed with your permission.  Many are reporting results above and beyond their expectations, even when they have been recommended to Myra via a friend.


Myra’s session rates will increase 1st March 2019.  To assist those who have been struggling through the shifting energies, fees have been kept to a minimum and have not increased since 2014. However, due to demands on her energy and time, a revision has been necessary in price structuring.

From March 1st, a Remote Session will cost $120 per hour, which covers a wide range of modalities, clearing levels and helpful information. The initial first session usually requires gathering background information and lasts 1 1/2 hrs for $180.

A Face to Face Session in Toukley, Central Coast will also cost $120 per hour.

Current prices until March will be $110 per hour, the first session for $165 (1.5 hrs).


Sunday rates and Emergency rates are an extra $20 pr session.


If you are experiencing financial challenges, please speak with Myra, as she may be able to assist.  This offer is only open to genuine struggling journeyers.



Myra is also currently offering half hour Special Sessions for those Sensitves challenged by the current energy shifts. These currently are an investment of $60 for the half hour. In March onwards the fee will increase to $70 per half hour.


Demonstrations and facilitations have been performed at Conferences and trainings in Germany and the UK.  Myra has also taught workshops and consulted in Victoria (Melbourne), NSW (Central Coast), Queensland and Launceston & Deloraine (Tasmania), though she is also available for private consultations when teaching interstate Workshops.  Clients have been assisted who live in USA, France, Germany, England, India, and of course, Australia-wide.

Clients are varied and have included CEO’s, professional performers, actors and celebrities, Sensitives, psychics, housewives, deep-sea divers, students, the heartbroken, lost journeyers, StarSeeds etc, healers and therapists, counselors and many other people from a variety of walks.