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Secrets Beyond Essential Oils

Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy

There are some amazing books available on Essential Oils.  Books that describe their use in massage, in stress relief work, and for everyday use.  They tell of oils that enhance the skin and soothe the nerves and the mind.  What I hadn’t come across was a book on how Essential Oils support or enhance the energetic systems.  I had used them intuitively and in Kinesiology work for a variety of things, which included along meridian lines.  But nowhere had I seen this written down.

I realised that they were also working on certain Chakras.  The Chakras they affected the most was dependent on the actual Oil itself and upon its application.  Then I discovered that Oils had etheric colours.  This was an amazing realisation.  And changed my practise.

Others asked me about how they worked on the Light Bodies, upon the Chakras and what impact they had.  So I wrote the book on these.

Using an Oil can take you upon a journey, especially when you realise just what they are working on primarily, and which Chakras benefit the most.  Even past life issues can be assisted and alleviated when worked on consciously and mindfully.

This book is unique, and readers have asked me why it has not been used as a textbook.  The reason is that the information is not for the beginner, but for those who really want to work with the higher dimensional power of these wonderful healing tools in these current times.

Embrace your Essential OIls in a new way…

Available from Amazon in ebook form;  ebook ‘Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy’

And in paper form: ‘Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy’  as well as good online bookstores (Angus & Robertson, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Booktopia, Fishpond, Readings etc).

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