Myra Sri

Seeking body-mind-spirit answers?

If you are Sensitive, if you are empathic, if you are aware, if you are overwhelmed, if you are tired – and you are dissatisfied with the normal everyday 3D answers or solutions, then you will know that looking at things from one perspective is so restrictive…

We are more than our body, we are more than our mind, we are more than our emotions, we are more than our world, we are more than our environment, we are more than our problems, we are So much more…

If you are looking for answers and feel more comfortable with someone who has ‘Been There, Done That, Got Through’ I hope that you will find some answers in these pages or in my books …

seeking holistic answers, all en-compass-ing…?

There are so many components of the whole being to take into account.  The human inner terrain is not always easily charted on a personal level – there are issues from our growing up, from our families and their predispositions – there are issues from our culture – and even from our own inner drive and the mis-takes we have made along the way.  When any part of us is in a level of dis-comfort, or feels hemmed in by life, people or circumstances, or even by our own decisions, we sometimes need someone who can read the signs we missed along the way; someone with a clearer compass to show us again the path we need to rejoin, the steps we need to take.

Our family can impact on our own personal expression as well as our life journey.  Our ancestral heritage (through the DNA) is another energetic force that can attempt to dictate certain experiences or reactions. Our Soul, the actual driver of the physical vehicle, also has another history – including skills and talents, as well as mistakes and karma.  Understanding that not all issues belong on the purely mental level, or are emotion driven, can bring great freedom…The higher viewpoint beyond 3D interactions can bring a much greater freedom to our current life experience and the Soul journey ahead.

the pearl of truth

We hope that you can find your own unique path again, and that through that which I share here or in my books you may be assisted with those things that are related on a body, mind, heart and Soul level.  Blessings, Soul Journeyer….

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