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I know many who have worked with positive thinking for years, yet still find themselves in the same-old same-old… Their situation in fact got worse, because there were things that they were not aware of, hidden in the subconscious, that just kept getting replayed – and these kept tripping them up.  We can be aware of something on a mental level, but if there is still a part that is hidden in the deep recesses of our mind, if the emotional aspect has not dealt with the issue satisfactorily, if the body still holds memory on it, then we will only ever achieve part success.

I have worked with celebrities, CEO’s, recognised performers and those that appear to be successful – to a degree, or so they percieve it to be – but they were not quite where they wanted to be.  And just when they were about to get to the place or position they valued, something always happened to prevent it.  When one addresses the cause, be it something a parent said, a teacher did, a peer took, or any other long-lost issue buried in time, then one has the truth.

I am joy, success, freedom

And when the truth is known, then we can release it from wherever it has taken hold in the body, mind, heart or being.  Only then can true joy, true freedom, true success take hold… And the sky is then the limit…

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