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2013 – Out with the Old…

January 6th, 2013  / Author: Myra

…In With The New

Well, most of us survived 2012, but for many there was quite a cost…

It has been an intense year, one fraught with many shifts, changes, and for some, dramas.  Most will admit to some ‘culling’ whether a belief, an old pattern, relationship or things of material value.  Myself I have experienced some drastic times, and had to let go of many things.  Working through the sense of ‘loss’ (for we are human) has reminded me of some earlier ‘losses’ and of reminding myself that no-one really ‘owns’ anything, they are just on loan to us – whether its a close family relationship, or our favourite item or a sentimental reminder of some enjoyable event.  Much buried pain has been up for examination or release from denial in order to make way for the new energies, attitudes and possibilities.

So with a new year ahead, a possibly new horizon in view, there may well be new potentials for some of those who have let go the old to dare the new.

I wish you well as you recover from that last limp to the ‘finishing line’ of 2012, and open to the new year with some thought of gentleness towards oneself and maybe others too.

Blessings to You All


2012 Initiations

February 21st, 2012  / Author: Myra

Cellular Initiations

What an interesting year this is turning out to be.  But we knew that 2012 would be something out of the ordinary, didn’t we?

Such an intense time, with so many shifts of energy, opportunities, challenges, surprises and possibilities.

And we are clearing so much!  Many of us at a deep cellular level as the vibrational shifts of planetary energy hitting other planetary energies, escalating to intense frequency waves.

Soul & Family DNa Healing

Family issues have been up for review (and more) for a while – the need to resolve DNa dis-resonances with our own Soul DNa resonance being quite a focus.

The new anchoring Earthing Chakras have been going through some interesting experiences.  Some of us have been releasing old planetary memories, and still others around us have sometimes been losing their own centre or grounding – whilst still others have been reaching out to ground however and wherever they could.  For some higher resonance souls who have been able to do so, they have been taking up the slack…

Or not…

… a choice some lightworkers may be making (or having to make) in order to keep on their own path and on their own purpose…  we are really having to focus on our own path in a way like never before, it seems to me.

Having spent some time overseas attending to family and service issues, and having experienced both the yin and yang of it all, I feel I have emerged a more grounded being, and have worked through a whole lot of old and variant energies – both for myself and for my family.

And now I feel I can say that “I am done.” Read the rest of this entry »

Help Yourself To Heal

February 14th, 2012  / Author: Myra Sri

Self – Healing

If you have heard of or read any of my little life ‘stories’ (like most people, I have had a few interesting adventures this life time), you will know that I have learned skills to add to my natural healing abilities & studies, and have drawn on these life experiences and triumphs, adding them to my ‘tool-kit’.  I have also been able to re-member and reconnect back to lifetimes as a Master and a Healer and am grateful that these skills can come through my work.

This in part may be because I was so dedicated to healing myself, especially where others were not able help me or where I was not able to allow them in to do so.  It is amazing how we can protect those hurt inner parts of us that we don’t want to look at because of the pain they carry.  Speaking from personal experience here.

There are many wonderful tools out there, and there is not one modality that I know of or have come across that ‘fixes it all’.  It simply doesnt exist.

We are amazingly complex beings, and we sometimes have to use a variety of tools and even use them together to get good and long lasting results.

But we need to start off first with the dedication to healing ourself. Read the rest of this entry »

Oils in the New Energy Waves

February 12th, 2012  / Author: Myra

Essential Oils And Their Application In The New Energy Wave

New subtle body anatomy is evolving that has always been present, though in many it was dormant, so that we can now anchor the new incoming energies appropriately in these current times.

It is my opinion, observation and experience that the use of Essential Oils is also changing.  We are expanding on our understanding and use of them, and their use in self help healing is becoming not only more popular, but more comprehensive.

It is so easy to enhance your energy fields, energy, sense of well-being and your aura with simple healing techniques using Essential Oils.

As the Planet shifts on her axis, and moves slightly differently through space we move into different wavebands and frequencies.  Some of this is quite new for humanity in relatively recent evolutionary experience.  It can trigger resonances long held, not only in humans or animals, but also in the Earth itself, including Essential Oils.

And we arealso  relating to nature and our position in space-time slightly differently.

A New Role in Energy Healing – Essential Oils and Their Use Today!

As Essential Oils are a form of concentrated and focused Read the rest of this entry »

Teach Yourself How to Test

February 10th, 2012  / Author: Myra

Teach Yourself Simple Self Test Technique by Kinesiologist

Secrets of Energy Fields – Self Help Healing Tools to Enhance your Energy Systems

Self Help Healing Tools to Enhance your Energy Systems

This article is on how you can learn about a simple self test technique that is commonly known only by advanced Kinesiologists.  It will also inform you about what kinesiology is, and how it can be adapted for anyone to use to help and self heal themselves.

Most of us are aware of complementary therapies such as Chinese Medicine, massage, acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements and naturopathy.  But not everyone is aware of the scope of Kinesiology.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a therapy and also a testing tool that allows us to work out imbalances in the body and the being.  This can be with regard to muscles, meridians, and body systems that include the nervous system.

It can help in strengthening individual muscles, or even muscle groups.  It can treat imbalances within the energy flow structure of the body and its electrical systems, which drive and assist nerve impulses and neuro transmitters that allow the body to function correctly and effectively.

Okay!   So just Why would I want to teach myself this simple ‘Self Test’ technique by this kinesiologist?

Because it gives you power and control over your Read the rest of this entry »

Etheric Actions of Essential Oils

February 4th, 2012  / Author: Myra Sri

Color Codes of Essential Oils Book

Many of you will have read some of my entries on Essential Oils and their changed and updated roles in todays vibrational therapy use.

Some of you were already aware  that I was writing a book on Essential Oils that reveals their etheric qualities and codes.  This is now complete and published and ready for download.

The book is now in the form of an eBook or digital download book, meaning that you can save it to your computer and read it directly yourself – no waiting.

It is now available for  Kindle and eReader download for those who have one of these handy little gadgets.  And if you don’t have an iPad or Kindle reader, you can get the Kindle Previewer download for your computer for free!

Have a Favourite Oil?

Vibrational Healing Secrets-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

Vibrational Healing Secrets-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

If there is a particular oil you wish to know about that is not include, write and let me know and I will do my best to provide further information on it.

The book has 33 Essential Oils, so is pretty comprehensive.

It also has a Summary so that you can see at a glance most of the major relevant points.

It is quite unique as it deals with what cannot be seen and how it impacts on the energy bodies, chakras, meridians, and light bodies.

The vibrational healing colors are described, and how they work.  Whoever you are, this will give you further added information on the actions of Essential Oils in the current vibrational cosmic and universal energies.

Cheers and Blessings,

Myra Sri


Mayan Chakras

July 2nd, 2010  / Author: Myra

New Chakra Balancing Healing – Mayan Chakras

The Mayan Long Count Calendar is creating a pivotal point for many, and has been for some time.  We are on the Brink of 2012.

With the end time date of December 2012 looming, many are looking for the meaning of this date and the meaning of the times that we live in.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Cosmos, Science, ManKind

May 30th, 2010  / Author: Myra

Please Click on this Video

and Watch this entertaining video of Carl Sagan.

What you see is not always what you get, and looking at the video’s first frame doesn’t prepare you for the delight contained in it.

His uplifting and insightful words are put to some great music – This is NOT a lecture or a sermon, but is a relaxing, absorbing, and entertaining moment.  Carl Sagan is no longer alive, but his contribution to Humanity and Science are still greatly remembered and appreciated by myself and many others.   Watch and Listen in Wonder…

I hope you feel uplifted by it.  Feel free to comment on how much you enjoyed it

A New Dawn…

March 4th, 2010  / Author: Myra

A Glorious Galaxy-Rise

As we move through our tiny tip-tilted space in the galaxy, experiencing some unsettling events, yet some of us also being complemented by unexpected blessings and awarenesses, I am reminded yet again of what an amazing experience it is here on Planet Earth.

Despite the ups-and-downs of life, the highs and peaks of love and sharing still can make life worth while for many.

When we can move from the details of existence to a larger, grander view, and just take a moment, we can check in on the greatness of being an organism on this sphere of soil and water, that wobbles (ever-so-slightly) through the stellar space-void in this quadrant corner of the Milky Way.

This video set to an interesting track, gives some sense of that.

I hope you enjoy this unique tribute to Carl Sagan and his wonderful gifts and sharing.

5 Steps – Opportunities

February 9th, 2010  / Author: Myra

Turn Obstacles / Challenges Into Opportunities

Finally I have taken heed to the inner promptings, and I sit here writing to you in my first posting for my newsletter. Read the rest of this entry »

A Brand New Year! Welcome 2010!

January 31st, 2010  / Author: Myra

On the Brink of 2012

We have survived the trials and challenges of 2009, and other recent years, together with the shifts and changes. And we are now poised to move even closer to the landmark year of 2012!

The energies of this year are already being felt, as we move closer to the Center of the Milky Way and the energy systems, including the equator belts buried in this system.  The alignment of several major planets not experienced for many many years (quoted as 26,000) are said to create quite an energetic challenge for us… I see this as the full cycle of an era, when major structures not working for us and out of alignment will collapse, or lead to new innovations and supportive creative systems. Read the rest of this entry »

Kinesiology in Frankston

January 30th, 2014  / Author: Myra

Back in Melbourne


Myra is back in Melbourne after prolonged visits in England, Germany, Queensland and Tasmania.

She is available for Personal Consultations, and also for Phone and Skype consults.  Further workshops are currently being planned.  A private clinic has been set up in Frankston.  For further details contact Myra: 0417 314 125

What is Kinergetics?

October 8th, 2012  / Author: Myra

Quite a few people now know what Kinesiology is, but sometimes they ask me “What is Kinergetics?”


Kinergetics is a creative Applied Kinesiology system.  It was developed by a major founder of Touch For Health in Australia and is now being taught to many other countries.

Using one’s natural healing energy to energise and rebalance the correct and appropriate organ, gland or chakra, quick and powerful change can be brought about to balance back to the correct flow of energy in the body’s systems.  Sometimes the emotional ‘charge’ needs to be addressed, and this can be traced back to its cause.

Encompassing techniques that balance the jaw (TMJ), hydration, the brain, the emotions, stress and tension, assist with heavy metal detoxification and mineral non-assimilation, this system can create amazing changes quite quickly.  Candida can be helped, pain reduced, allergies alleviated, sabotages cleared and life improvements implemented.

To read more on this, go here: Kinergetics – Healing Energy and Kinesiology

If you are seeking a Kinesiologist, and someone who has had many years experience in both Applied Kinesiology and Kinergetics, then contact me.  Currently I am available in the Launceston, Tasmania area and also when doing workshops in Melbourne, Victoria.

Skype sessions are available, as well as Phone Consultations.  Contact me for further information

Aries & Uranus

April 2nd, 2011  / Author: Myra Sri

Sudden Happenings

Well, the world certainly witnessed this recently.

On March 11th, with Uranus moving into Aries, the activating raw energy of Aries was unleashed in a direct and confrontational way as we saw the events in Japan, and on the very same day.

We may need to be ready for further sudden developments, maybe not necessarily on such a scale, but for sudden shifts and changes in life.

The aftermath of the nuclear facilities crises in Japan really challenged the overt-confidence of supposed ‘risk-management’ gambling, when the risk not only manifests, it raises a nightmare.

What a way to meet the consequences of decisions made.

Interestingly, there would appear to still be Read the rest of this entry »

Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Feeling ‘Always Tired’

November 20th, 2010  / Author: Myra

How to Identify Reasons for Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Feeling ‘Always Tired’

Most of us have an idea of what can cause our momentary tiredness.  It can often be from a variety of sources such as:

  • Working longer or harder with less recovery or rest time
  • Faulty nutrition over a period of time due to being too busy
  • Unusual stress placed upon us
  • Family difficulties or domestic problems
  • Financial hassles we are experiencing
  • Etc

But we sometimes are aware that these things may not really be responsible Read the rest of this entry »

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