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Tips on Tricky Situations in Life – Sensitives


[Tips & Techniques To Chart & Navigate Life - Part 4]   Part 3 here…


Scripts For Difficult Situations

It is a good rule of thumb to ask yourself whether or not the question is appropriate.

• Is this question relevant?

• Is this question directly related to or concerned with anything that will affect the person asking?

• And in what way?

• Do I leave myself open to abuse from them by answering fully?

• Is this any of their business?

• Why do they want to know?*

*This last question is probably the most enlightening as it may help you to decide what to say, and how much to say. But if you’re not clear, you are perfectly entitled to ask them this question directly.

Here are some responses for those questions thrown at you that are attacking, nosy, inappropriate, rude, personal, or manipulative.

Personal Responses

When someone wants to ask you personal information that you do not want to share, or are not sure that you can trust them with, you can ask:

• ‘Why do you want to know that?’

• ‘In what way is this important to you?’

• ‘And you want to know because…?’

• ‘Why are you asking that?’

• ‘Why are you asking about that?’

• ‘Why is this so important to you?’

• ‘Why are you asking me that?’

• ‘What on earth have you heard to prompt/make you to ask me that?’

• ‘Can you give me a minute to answer that, please?’

• ‘Can I get back to you about that?’

• ‘Who asked you to ask me that?’

• ‘Where did you hear that?’

• ‘Let me think about that and get back to you’

• ‘Why? What is it that you have heard?’

• ‘I am surprised you would ask me that. Why did you?’

• ‘What is it you are really wanting to k now?’

• ‘If you tell me why you want to know, I will consider answering you’

• ‘And what would this have to do with you?’

You could, of course, always say ‘It’s none of your business’. But this gives them no where to go, and they may feel they ‘lose face’. In which case they may try to get one up again, only next time it will be bigger and better.

You don’t need to make enemies. Just speak up for yourself, whilst quietly and calmly letting them know in a reasonable way that if their question is relevant, valid or appropriate you will cooperate.

Work / Professional Situations

In some cases, co-workers, colleagues or others that feel like interfering, may make difficult demands or ask difficult questions. Or even ask you to do work that is not part of your work duties.

Here are some others that you can use. Think up some more that will fit your own work situation.

• ‘When did you want to know that by?’

• ‘When do you need to know that by?’

• ‘Can this wait? I am really busy right now?’

• ‘Can I get back to you? I have other things on my mind right now which I need to deal with immediately?’

• ‘Let me get back to you this afternoon / tomorrow / etc’

• ‘I am not sure if I can fit that in. Let me check and get back to you’

• ‘I will need to ask … if I can attend to your request first’

When you learn practical ways to strengthen and police your boundaries, you will find initially it is a little taxing, but also exhilarating.

As you are able to stand up for yourself, you will feel stronger, more sure of yourself.

It does take time, but it is worth it. You may find your relationships change for the better at work.

But even if they don’t all do so, you will be able to go about your work feeling that you can protect and defend yourself verbally without losing ground.

Don’t forget to work on your energy systems as well – check out the Secrets Behind Energy Fields – Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques book here, which is designed to assist you in creating stronger energy boundaries.

Good Health, Good Energy.


Myra Sri






Myra Sri is a writer, energy & vibrational medicine healer, kinesiologist, spiritual coach and healer.

This is from her series of “TIPS FOR SELF HELP HEALING” articles.

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