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Most Sensitives go through life not sure of how to handle the emotions or words of others.  Unless they have had some guidance on their sensitivity, they will find that they often feel overwhelmed by or misunderstood by those with ‘thicker skins’.

In today’s fast world, there often appears to be little time or even room for these refined souls.  Yet they are essential for the emotional and creative health and quality of life understanding on the Planet.

The most common complaint that I get from sensitive types are often around how to better manage their health and their relationships.

Particularly when they are at work or in groups.

They find that there are times when they literally resist going to work, or being around a group where they feel so uncomfortable.

Health and attitudes toward relationships can go hand in hand.

When we are conflicted, when we have mixed feelings, when we want to do one thing but are required to do another, then we can tie up a lot of energy internally, and we can feel literally exhausted even just at the thought of dealing with certain situations.

Sensitives MUST recognize that they react differently to the way others may do.  That there emotional or sensing gauges are really finely tuned.

To assist sensitive types, I have written a book that guides you through working out what affects you, and how to fix it.  It’s called “Self Help Healing Guide – How To Enhance Your Health, Aura and Energy” and it includes many self help healing techniques. This will help your energy levels.

But, for some people, they will also want to  know how to deal with the actual situation as well – prevention is always better than cure.  So here are some practical coping suggestions.

Developing strategies to handle situations becomes very important.  Thinking ahead, and developing positive ways to cope is essential.

Lets have a look as some situations.

Work difficulties

It is important to feel comfortable at your main occupation, no matter what it is.  Apart from it being better for you to be doing a job you like, there are other aspects to this.  And even doing a job you may not be enthralled with is often doable when you have a further goal ahead that this job is helping you to reach.

Our occupation, our work, is often where we spend the majority of our time.
We may have learned to cope with family situations or even certain family members, but we can often choose when we want to be around them.

When we work with reasonable, co-operative or friendly people, our time during working hours can be more pleasant.  We can feel energized, interested, considered, and consequently more involved.  However, work does not always give us such choices.

Some people bring their problems to work.  Others bring their unresolved personal issues over control, guilt, anger or self worth to work.  Still others see it as a place for stirring up things when they are bored with themselves, or with what they are doing, and begin to create in their workplace the excitement, intrigue or drama that they seek or are used to in their own life.

Yet others see it as entertainment.

So instead of dealing with the current situation as it really is, there can be hidden agendas, inner conversations regarding others from the past, even resentments, petty jealousies or outright dislike for co-workers that are not in any way connected with anything done by that co-worker.

And some are just downright nosy – the more they know, then the more they want to ‘stir’, or manipulate situations in an attempt to feel better about them self.

Sensitives may find that when they are challenged or questioned by a co-worker, or looked down on or even belittled by a boss or another worker, that this really affects them.  Affecting their sense of self, their energy, their health, their self esteem and their functioning.

Often they may react in a quiet way, then maybe in a defensive way, rather than in a strong and grounded way.  Because they feel the intensity of any slight, criticism or accusation deeply, they fight back or run to get away from the pain.  Or if they don’t actually do this, then this is what they really want to do.

It is not unusual for someone sensitive to burst into tears (usually women) during a confrontation.

For some people, they can get confused with what people say as opposed to what that same person  is doing.  Check out the “Secrets Behind Energy Fields – Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques” to help clear your energy from confusion.

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