Myra Sri

The Energy Healing Secrets Series Books

The books written by Myra Sri in the Energy Healing Secrets series are designed to help anyone wishing to enhance their energy and their healing practice.  They are all available as eBooks and also in paperback;

  • Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Behind the Invisible Etheric Color Codes of Essential Oils
  • Secrets Behind Energy Fields – Become Your Own Energy Guru
  • Secret Truths – Health and Well-being – Secrets Beyond Nutrition
  • The New Crystal Codes – Crystal Codes, Ciphers and Functions for the New Era
  • Secrets to Serene Space – The Art of Space Clearing

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Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy

Chakra Healing Secrets of Essential Oils.  Etheric Colour Codes. Transformation Secrets. Advanced Aromatherapy

The beauty and power of Essential Oils has been known to us for thousands of years, from Ancient Indian healers to current day Aromatherapists. Now, in “Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit”, we reveal the etheric actions and color secrets of essential oils to expand on your complete understanding.

This gives a larger awareness not only of the Etheric actions of Essential Oils, but of the cycle and order of Etheric Colors emitted from these amazing gifts of Nature. Right now they have surely ‘come of age’! Etheric application of essential oils is due to their composition of volatile oils, which tend to evaporate, becoming ether or etheric. Ether is a primary matter of life and taken in by the nose and skin. It accesses an important part of human consciousness.

This book is loaded with original information and also practical, hands-on applications of the oils for removing energy blocks and bringing comfort to your whole being. This includes the main energy centers involved as well as which light body and relevant meridians are enhanced and supported by the valuable properties of the individual oil.

Even the best and most effective of energy workers, LightBringers, and practitioners will find something in here that will enhance their work – whether it is knowledge of the benefits, color actions, tips and valuable application techniques or simply knowing which Chakras and meridians will benefit the most.

New information and references to the New Chakra Systems that are evolving and operating in these times in tandem with the Major Chakra systems will further enhance any workers effectiveness to deal with the myriad of new symptoms resulting from the conversions of our energy systems to the new and higher ‘New Energy Wave’ frequencies.

The meta-physical applications contained in this book may well assist and possibly revolutionize healing work for some, and many LightBringers will experience a new depth to their work with the etheric vibrations of Essential Oils here in “Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Use Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit”

Most of us are aware of the use of Essential Oils for a variety of treatments, and most of us have used them for those same applications. We know the benefit of using them in massage, in skin care, in emotional re-balancing, in lifting or changing a mood in a room or space and in some cases in treating more serious issues relating to illness or disease.

Our understanding has been generally limited to these everyday and aromatherapy uses (powerful though they are).

There are some circles where we are also aware of their use in assisting the nervous system via the brain, to improve and enhance neural function, activity and integration.

There are a number of people right now who are aware of the advantages of the use of Essential Oils because of the unseen energy vibrations of the oils.

A few know of their use in this way to treat or enhance the Chakras, meridians, or even the DNA of the Being. Essential Oils can be used in a conscious way and in direct focused application for balancing the energy systems of the body and related Chakra energy centres.

Fewer still are aware of the etheric Color Codes of Essential Oils.

Until now!

As only a few are aware of the Etheric Language and Activity of Essential Oils, in this book you will explore the language and actions of these Color Codes and Etheric applications.


Now available in eBook and Paperback formats at Amazon and at local or online bookstores .


Secrets Behind Energy Fields

Become your own energy Guru. How to reclaim energy and vitality back. What to do when others drain you. How to restore your energy fields again.

When we don’t know where our energy goes, when we work with others closely, when we are faced with emotional or traumatic scenes, when others think it is OK and acceptable to explode around us, when we think there must be something wrong with us because of what we continually encounter in our life, we need answers to what is happening, and what we can do about it!

Over the years I have experienced energy drain, exhaustion to the point of severe depression, mind-fug and headaches due to other minds trying to get into my head, emotionally toxic people and almost an identity crisis because I felt I was being forced to do things other people’s ways whilst I was being overwhelmed, bullied, ignored or plain abused.

Now that is the hard and pointy end of the stick. Not everyone experiences energetic drain and interference to the same degree. There are varying degrees of sensitivity, and I was pretty sensitive.

Having said that, however, doesn’t mean that other people haven’t experienced what I have. They just may not have recognised it, and simply thought they were tired for “doing too much”, or felt that there was a fault within themselves for “not coping”.

Nobody lives as an entire isolated and energetic island to themselves. We are all social beings and part of life is social interaction of some kind or another.

Learning to navigate through life in energies that are less than positive sometimes requires outside information or help.

I hope to share with you practical and proven techniques, easy exercises, effective solutions and self empowering tools for the weary, the overwhelmed, the sensitive, the long-suffering and the compromised.

If you want to know how to save a whole lot of money using natural methods to feel better and in a drug-free-way,

These techniques are suitable for all those who experience the following:

If you feel that they are overtired and overwhelmed by life’s duties and responsibilities but don’t know how to stop the merry-go-round

If you feel others take advantage of you and don’t know how to avoid this

If you don’t know what to do around toxic people

If you are looking for answers and aren’t happy with what you’ve been told by others so far, then just maybe this book holds some answers for you.

As an energy worker, facilitator and instructor for over 25 years, I have had to learn the hard way how to support my own personal energies and health whilst being around others who were themselves in trouble. The information and techniques in this book are distilled from many years of training, practice and life experience.

When we have good health, we really do have a huge asset at the ready – there is no price to be placed on it as from our good health so many positive things can arise. And all you really need to invest is some of your time and energy to become your own guru and healer.

To be successful and happy, let good health and good energy be your positive foundation.

Now available at Amazon in Paperback and eBook format.

Also available in paperback at good online bookstores.

Secrets Truths – Health and Well-Being

Secrets Beyond Nutrition. Resolve Exhaustion and Tiredness Naturally! Solutions to Toxicity and the Nervous System. And More…

Written by an experienced health professional, it uncovers some of the hidden truths that prevent us from full recovery and which can compromise our health and vitality.

When you think you are doing all the right things, but are still not getting better, this book is a MUST! When the medical profession are scratching their heads and can’t pinpoint the problem (or you feel they are sweeping it under the carpet), then this book is a BASIC! When you know there is a problem and a reason why you are so tired, yet tests can’t find anything wrong, this book is ESSENTIAL!

So many people have come to me complaining about tiredness and lack of energy – and gone away feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘better’ in themselves.  Sometimes they just needed to know what was going on for them.  Sometimes they needed help in moving or shifting the energies attached to their problem.  Sometimes they needed some energy work, and / or to find out what to do next rather than rely solely on getting ‘pills’ from the doctor.

When you have few options to sort out your health, you take whatever is available – but it shouldn’t be like that!

This book is to help those people who wish to find answers to their problems or symptoms on the physical level themselves.

This book shares some truths regarding the hidden aspects of tiredness, exhaustion and depletion of energy – and I know about these not only from my own experiences, but from practicing as a health professional who has spent many years working with these issues in a clinical and consultative environment.

It is becoming more and more clear that we can no longer treat the body and its physical ailments as problems belonging solely to the body and the physical realm. Many of us are rediscovering the heart / mind / soul / body connections again after many years and in fact centuries of separation, isolation and treatment of these other individual parts.

With the advent of the internet a lot more information is becoming available.  One may have to do a little sifting sometimes, but generally speaking, we are sharing truths much more freely than has been possible for quite some time.

So rather than pushing a ‘pill’ (which has become the norm for many ailments) or seeking medication that doesn’t actually address the causal issue, but keeps us bound to buying that pill, we are now finding ways to help our self, and to take back control and authority (and with it, autonomy) into our own lives again!

Some of the issues covered include:

  • Well-Being Basics That Everyone Should Know
  • Hidden Truths Behind Exhaustion and Tiredness
  • Body-Mind-Spirit and Emotional Impacts
  • Toxicity and the Nervous System
  • Dental Amalgams and Mercury
  • The Miracle Power of Minerals
  • Discover Veiled Blockages to Health and Vitality
  • Resolve Exhaustion and Tiredness NATURALLY!
  • Toxicity Impact on Nervous System, Brain and Body
  • Recognise and Clear Blocks to Weight-Loss, Health and Brain Function Naturally
  • Hidden Personal Power
  • Positive Energy
  • Sensitive Types

The causal issues are what’s causing the problem – ignore these and you will continue to experience a variety of issues – what you repress in one area of the body will emerge in another area… until you deal with what is underlying it.

Learning the truth about what is happening for you, really happening, is of prime importance to be able to get well again. In this book, we bring you truths that are not generally shared with patients by the medical profession, and even some other health therapists are not aware of.  We deal with aspects of physical and energy systems in the body, as well as emotional and mental impacts. The affect of the heart and soul on the emotional and mental attitudes toward self-healing, expression and the appropriate use of energy should not be underestimated.

Secrets to Serene Space

The Art of Space Clearing. Create Sanctuary – Clear Negative Energies, Use Metaphysics and Affirmations to Change Your Space and Your Life

Journey behind the feel-good space clearing hype to discover Real changes that you can make in your home and life.

Go Beyond the practical applications of placement and sprays, learn how to clear old negative energies, interfering issues, residual emotions and how to really change the energy vibration of your space.

Does your home sanctuary nurture and support you? Does it fill you with pleasure and enjoyment?  Do you feel safe there?

Take a moment to look around your home… how does it reflect you?  How does it feel to you?  Are you able to revitalise and rejuvenate there whenever you need to?  Does your home welcome you?

If the answer is “No” and you are aware that you need to do something to change your space, and possibly yourself, then you will find lots of ideas and help in this book.

If you want to go deeper than just shifting surface stuff around, if you feel that there could be some old “nasties” lying around somewhere you would like to shift, if you feel that you would like to get clearer within yourself as well as within your living space, then this is the book for you.

We look at some of the hidden and unseen aspects that can cause a place to feel “stuck” as well as how to go about easy decluttering.  We look at using Statements and Affirmations to inspire and focus you. We reveal the impact of past trauma and energy imprints.  And how to clear them.

We teach you how to be your own expert, your own Clearing Guru, easily and safely.  We look at Feng Shui and its benefits, as well as Zen.

Learn about how to remove not only negative energies but also learn what a Portal is and how to clear them, as well as Orbs and Thoughtforms.

Discover not only how to Clear your place, but the essential step that must follow that for true success in your Clearing.

You will be provided with everything you need to know about Space Clearing as well as easy and clear Scripts to assist in your clearing process.  You can evolve your home and your life together.

Here in an easy to read book you will find how to create Sanctuary in your own personal space.  These are time-proven tools, brought to you by an energy expert with many years experience.

You will also find advanced ideas for you to play with to not only improve your home, but also your life, if you so choose.

  • The Art of Space Clearing
  • Creating Sanctuary
  • Revitalise and Re-Energise
  • Removing Energy Imprints
  • Clear Negative Energies
  • Affirmations To Clear By / Change By
  • Change Your Space, Change Your Life
  • Be Your Own Expert
  • Using Sound and Vibrations to Clear
  • Easy To Use
  • Powerful & Safe

Metaphysical and transformational tools with practical explanations and clearing guides will give you confidence to handle any space! Bring energies that help you feel like YOU again back to support your health and happiness.


Available in Paperback and eBook form at Amazon and in bookstores.

The New Crystal Codes

Crystal Codes, Ciphers and Functions for the New Era.  Align Your Crystals to the New Era Energies. Crystal Codes, Crystal Ciphers.

With the shift in the earth’s electromagnetic frequency, and the advent of the New Era energies supporting shifts and changes in consciousness, Crystals need to be attuned and aligned afresh in order to take full advantage of these energies, as well as to process them.

The author has worked with crystals for over thirty years and has discovered that their energies have shifted and changed, just as many of us on this Planet have undergone our own shifts and personal evolution, especially in the last twenty years or so.

She shares her knowledge on how to re-align your crystal with the new Era energies. You will not find this knowledge anywhere else.

New Cipher Codes held within Crystals are ready to reveal themselves to those who know about them and are willing to work with them. Discover these new Ciphers and the easy way to align your Crystal and recognise its functions and codes.

This book is much more than just a Guide to Choosing and Working With Crystals!

This little book has everything you need to identify the different functions and powers of Quartz Crystals and much, much more. You will be shown how to align your Evolved Crystal to the New Incoming Energies! Discover sets of Crystals to enhance life, love, prosperity and more.

You will learn about how to connect to your crystal, how to care for it, code and program it and how to use it wisely.

You will find in these pages ideas that will inspire you to love and journey with your chosen gem.

You will also learn how to identify various types of crystals, some metaphysical properties, sets of crystals and learn the difference between an Isis crystal, a Record-Keeper, a Lemurian and much more…

Make the most of your willing crystal and harness its energies for the new energy shifts right now!

Now available in eBook and Paperback Format at Amazon and online bookstores.

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