Rosemary Essential Oil

Essence of Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is often associated with the meaning – ‘Remembrance’.  One of the origins is claimed to be from the latin for ‘rosemarinus’: ‘mist of the sea’. Used for honoring and remembering at weddings, funerals and special anniversary ceremonies.

Interestingly it is in some ways connected with memory when it comes to its effects as an essential oil.  I would like to offer my interpretation here.

Though Rosemary Essential Oil appears to be about triggering memories, in actuality, its effects are in de-stressing and easing painful memories.  When you inhale the etheric energies, the recognition of the first energies of spring green immediately starts a clearing process around shock, trauma or other painful memories connected or arising from the memory.  This action is different to the action of Clary Sage or Peppermint, which are both really good for clearing the Mental Body, and helping to settle an overwhelm of thoughts and thought-processing.  The action of Rosemary goes to a different level, a level specifically connected to the past.

Right now, with so many light seekers experiencing for a final round old Soul Memories of past contracts regarding purpose, destiny, oaths and allegiances to causes being dealt with, Rosemary can assist in settling some of the energetic angst connected with these past memories.

The actions of the oil are simple, yet profound.

Rosemary Etheric Properties and Action

Starting off with the Spring Green, a pearly-silver thread arises which funnels out and upward and then fans out into a beautiful mid to royal blue with fringed edges of silver.  It leaves an imprint of Peacock Blue (like a fan, or large flat-ish spiral) in the aura for some time, up to 6 hours, depending on the quality and quantity of etheric energy drawn in through using conscious breathing or intention, or the length of time working with it.

The action appears to be working on a Soul level, rather than on a Mind or Mental level.

Useful for the following issues:

  • Self nourishment
  • Heartbreak / Grief / Betrayal / Loyalty issues
  • Karmic or Soul loyalties
  • Can assist with fat or dairy cravings

Soul Communication

Differing essential oil qualities will have varying amounts of Silver within the etheric energies given off.  Silver usually denotes flexibility in communication, and this can apply not just outwardly in our external communications, but also inwardly between the various aspects of oneself.  This can mean a greater sense of ease within.

Silver is also often connected with the Soul, enabling Soul Communication, and this denotes a sense of deeper connection with oneself on a soul level.  Happily, too, this also means better soul to soul communication.  Also, sometimes the dishonesty of another soul may be made clearer through using this oil.  But along with this revelation or realization can often come the means with which to cope with and move through it.

Loyalty to One’s Truth and Self Healing / Soul Healing

The total action appears to me to be one of renewal, release, refreshment from past grief, restrictions, betrayals or promises, not only in connection to others, but also to oneself.

When worked with consciously and energetically Rosemary will aid in granting you the space to hear your own Soul Truth again, and assist you to reconnect to your Higher Wisdom.

It is a great essential oil to use as a self healing technique, and perfect for the energy shifts right now!

You can refer back to my article on Oils in the New Energy Waves for clarification and my recommendations on how to use Essential Oils today.

Cooking Tip:

I have used some of my woodier Rosemary twigs as skewers when cooking – simply strip the ‘leaves’ off twig branches that have a good length to them, leaving tufts at the top, and sharpen the base of the twig – use as a skewer and let the aroma blend into the vegetable or food you are roasting or grilling.  You can also save the leaves for roasting vegies, too! Yumm!

Enjoy!  And if you have any comments of feedback on using this rich essential oil  you are welcome to drop me a line.

Cheers, and Good Health!


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