Secrets Behind Health & Energy


Fatigue & Tiredness – Health & Energy Truths Revealed

So many people have come to me complaining about tiredness and lack of energy – and gone away feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘better’ in themselves.  Sometimes they just needed to know what was going on for them.  Sometimes they needed help in moving or shifting the energies attached to their problem.  Sometimes they needed some energy work, and / or to find out what to do next rather than rely solely on getting ‘pills’ from the doctor.

When you have few options to sort out your health, you take whatever is available – but it shouldn’t be like that!

To help people sort through some of their symptoms on the physical level that are through health blocks, I have written this book.  It is called:

“Secrets Behind Health & Energy – Recognize & Clear Blocks to Weight Loss, Health & Brain Function the Natural Way”

It talks about more than just these issues – see the list at the end of this article – and gives you some good ideas to look at.

Secrets to Enhance Energy & Clear Blocks to Health & Healing

Secrets Revealed – Blocks to Health & Energy

This book shares some truths regarding the underpinnings of tiredness, exhaustion and depletion of energy – and I know about these not only from my own experiences, but from practicing as a health professional who has spent many years working with these issues in a clinical and consultative environment.

It is becoming more and more clear that we can no longer treat the body and its physical ailments as problems belonging solely to the body and the physical realm. Many of us are rediscovering the heart / mind / soul / body connections again after many years and in fact centuries of separation, isolation and treatment of these other individual parts.

Even in some areas of the medical profession, previous attitudes are being challenged, and a new breed of doctors is slowly emerging in some areas who are willing to combine natural methods, medicines, knowledge and techniques with recognised medical practices.

From a ‘western’ ‘complementary therapy’ and from a medical point of view, this is a new and amazing attitude.

Ancient Knowledge

However, when viewed through the experiences of the ancient skills of the Chinese culture, in Indian Ayurvedic and homeopathic circles and with early Greek & Roman practices around hydrotherapy, essential oils and herbs, we really have been a bit slow.  In India, for instance, it is common for homeopaths and Ayurvedic doctors to work side by side with medical doctors and surgeons in the hospitals, focusing on the prevention of serious illness, and also to help if radical surgery is required by assisting the body to heal more quickly, and to recover more easily from surgery or anaesthetic interference and trauma.

Ancient knowledge is being shared again, despite the attempts at blocks from invested control parties who are more interested in making a profit than from doing a service.  This is not to say that all doctors are out for one’s money only, nor is it to say that health practitioners are not interested in money at all – I am referring to the acts of putting profit before people by the use of repression, control, denials, together with deliberate intents to make money at any cost, even if it is at the cost of the health of others.

Getting Clear about What Really Works

With the advent of the internet a lot more information is becoming available.  One may have to do a little sifting sometimes, but generally speaking, we are sharing truths much more freely than has been possible for quite some time.

So rather than pushing a ‘pill’ (which has become the norm for many ailments) or seeking medication that doesn’t actually address the causal issue, but keeps us bound to buying that pill, we are now finding ways to help our self, and to take back control and authority (and with it, autonomy) into our own lives again!

The causal issues are whats causing the problem – ignore these and you will continue to experience a variety of issues – what you repress in one area of the body will emerge in another area… until you deal with what is underlying it.

Learning the truth about what is happening for you, really happening, is of prime importance to be able to get well again.  In this book, we bring you truths that are not generally shared with the medical profession, and even some other health therapists are not aware of.  We deal mainly with the aspects of common energy systems in the body, as well as the emotional and mental impacts. The affect of the heart and soul on the emotional and mental attitudes toward self-healing, expression and the appropriate use of energy should not be underestimated.

We also take a look at the Immune System, stubborn weight issues, brain function, meditation and even a quick look at ‘spirituality’.

Here are chapter headings;

Energy Basics and Energy Healing
Tiredness, Exhaustion and the Requirements for Health and Energy
Problems with Producing Energy
13 Basic Health Factors
The Body and Energy Basics – The Types of Energy
Emotion – Affect of Emotion on The Body / Being
Energy and Emotion
ElectroMagnetics System – Electrical Balance
Meridian System – Energy Circuits in the Physical Body
Chakras and Nervous System – Energy Centers Governing Input and Output of Energy
The Brain and the Nervous System
The Immune System
Obstacles to Health and Healing
Psychological Blocks to Health and Healing
Reasons Not to Change and Heal
Before Self Medication or Self Treatment
Excess Weight
A Word on Spirituality
What Spirituality Really Is…
On Being ‘Special’

To take a look at this book, click on the link here:   “Secrets Behind Health & Energy”