The New Signal Chakras

Energy Flow Blockage Signal Chakras

Quantum Energy Healing and The New Chakras

Energy Medicine is coming of age with the revisiting of the accumulated scientific, medical, religious and cultural conditioning of popular and long held beliefs regarding the physical laws of functioning of life here on Planet Earth.

The impact of Quantum Phsyics on how we view the ways the world works is assisting with these shifts  in consciousness.

Not just with the scientific community, but with those individuals who are now or have long been aware of an energetic aspect to the lives we lead.  For they are now receiving concrete and irrefutable proof and confirmation that there is much more to life and function than just that which can be seen with the naked eye.

Old Chakra Systems and New Chakra Systems

The Main Chakra System (whether the Main 7 Chakra System or the alternate model of the Main 8 Chakras) has been recognized by many for quite some time, having a medical recognition with the Eastern and Mystic traditions. Energy Workers, no matter what modality, have long been working with these centers of Energy or ‘Wheels’ of energy and life.

Some are already aware that the Main 7 Chakra System (or 8 Chakra System) are only a part of the many Chakras or centers of life, energy and consciousness to be found in the human energy fields and body.

What is now becoming known is this Chakra Alert system that registers and monitors such things as shock, threats, warnings and energetic imprints of past events of these.  Indeed anything to do with Survival on some level.  These are just some of the benefits of knowing about these Chakras.

Kinesiology lends itself easily to these new systems, but no matter the experience of the person, the modalities or degree (or lack of)  ‘psychic’  or sentient (sensing) skills, anybody can learn about these New Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy and how to work or balance them.

Of course, the first thing in to learn where they are, what they do, and what can affect them in a positive manner.  My New workshops are providing all of this information.

Chakras As Indicators or Alert Signal Mechanisms

The New Signal Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy gives a comprehensive awareness of where in the body an imbalance is registering and just what the energetic imbalance is related to.  It can clue one in quite quickly to the theme or specific imbalance.

This Chakra System can be used as an indicator during energy work, giving information as to what has been activated, or as to what is yet to be addressed.  It can give a keyword overview that can be related to a cause of an imbalance or of an effect by an imbalance. This can cut through a whole lot of diagnosing to get to an essence of what needs to be balanced for correct energy flow to all parts of the being and body.

There are many ways this system can be used, and the key magic of this system is that it can pick up things that are energetically ‘out-of-whack’ or not functioning correctly that may well not show up in the Main or Major 7 Chakra System.

I have seen time and time again that someone can have the Main or Major Chakra System in balance, but when accessing the Signal Chakras, its like the body can no longer keep a ‘hold’ on the ‘appearance’ of balance and breathes out its need to have to maintain this ‘hold’ as it recognizes that here is now a space for acceptance, healing or rebalancing through its identification.

Signal Chakras for Signals of Energy Flow Blockage or ImBalance

These Signal Chakras are unique and the New Signal Chakra Subtle Body Anatomy is useful for quick confirmation of balance.  When checking with these chakras to see that an energy system is apparently ‘balanced’ or of requiring no further work, they will indicate whether the full flow of energy is balanced throughout all of the Signal points, or that the correct flow of energy reaches correctly and without any hidden blocks or shocks to the outer limbs of the body as well as to the ultra sensitive and many faceted chakras in and around the head and face.

For the aware healer, practitioner or therapist, these are cutting-edge indicators that will vastly assist the efficiency and efficacy of their energy work.

Watch out for my new book about these.  Meanwhile, look out for the workshops I am holding that will benefit anyone.