The New Psychic Body Chakras System

The Psychic Body and Ancient Secrets

Everyone has a ‘Psychic Body’…  and not just those who are thought of or called ‘psychic’.

The Psychic Body is a system of energy receptors that pick up information on an unseen level for inner processing.  For some people it is not as evident or as pronounced as for others, who are often labeled ‘Sensitive’.  It is more developed in those who work a lot with ‘intuition’ or a sense of ‘knowing’, or who get flashes or insights that prove to have some truth to them.

Right now, it would appear that many dormant or untrained psychic bodies are awakening.  Most people are experiencing some sort of subtle differences over the last few years that they cannot explain. Whether its some form of occasional and unaccountable dizziness, lob-sidedness, deja vu or weird imaginings or dreams, most of us have experienced energy interference of some kind, which we are trying to make sense of through the new chakra systems, but don’t quite know how to activate or clear properly.

Only recently I balanced someone who was feeling really sick in their stomach, to the point of anxiety.  It was only when the Psychic Chakras were cleaned out and then I balanced their Psychic Body Anatomy that the tense and ‘sicky’ feeling went, and they brightened up.

Old School Psychic Structure Information

The Psychic Body structure or Psychic Centres in the body are often based on the older versions and understandings of the esoteric and energetic information past on by the early pioneers in the realms of esotericism, theosophy, psychism, mediumship, shamanism and channeling.

Though certain other gifted spirituals have also discovered, explored, documented and handed these down through the ages.

The Secret Mystery Schools of Old such as Temple Mystery Schools of Mithra, the early Mayan Secret Schools and Ancient Egyptian Mystery Trainings of many and diverse secret knowledges and understandings would have been a lot more comprehensive than our current energetic and esoteric subtle body knowledge and information.  So much has been destroyed during wars, plundering, government overturnings and religious fanaticism that has left our knowledge base bereft in many areas.

However, information is being revived and built on.  If we were to stick purely to the ancient wisdoms and information alone, we might not be prepared fully for the new energies.

Quantum Mechanics, the Ancient Mystery Schools and the Main 7 Chakra System

As we move through the incoming New Energy Waves and Frequencies, and global consciousness lifts to embrace Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics with which to temper the traditional or fixed ideas of Medicine and Religion, we are becoming more aware of our true energetic and spiritual states.

Working with the new and evolved Psychic Body system has helped me understand how they feed into the existing Main 7 Chakra System, or indeed the Main 8 Chakra System.  These are Chakras existing within the body, mirrored by the Nervous System, and taught by the traditional Vedic, Hindu, Chinese health arts as well as various other streams of energetic healing consciousness.

Most Chakra students or practitioners use the model of the 7 Chakra system, others use an 8 Chakra system, the main difference being centred around the Solar Plexus / Navel area.  When one also studies the Hara Line System, it is easy to see how one Subtle Energy Body may appear to overlap another Subtle Body.

The New Psychic Body Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy and Matrix

The discovery that the existingThird Eye basis, together with the senses being fed through the Main Chakra system was actually only a small part of the ability to pick-up, receive and work with incoming energetic, vibrational and psychic information was an enlightening one.

The system was so large, so comprehensive that I had to call it something, and as I had not read or heard about it from any other source, I named it simply ‘The Psychic Body’.

For LightWorkers or Just For ‘Psychics’?

Having had some reservations about certain ‘psychics’ who were far from being spiritually ethical, I could still not get past their true function, so the name remained.  Continuing to work with LightSeekers, spiritual seekers, therapists of a high soul calibre and other souls of extraordinary qualities, and whilst mapping the information I was receiving about the New Psychic Body, I saw them (both clients and their Psychic Chakras) literally bloom in front of my eyes in their new Psychic Body and their increased Psychic Body functioning.

Balancing this new system allowed them so much ease in their other energy bodies, and so much more clarity in interpreting the energetic information being pounded down to us all through The Cosmos as we ride the waves into the Mayan Long Count Calendar line-up of Transformational and Ascension energies.

My previous knowledge has been turned on its head, and only by recognizing the shifts, waveform transmissions and the many forms of energetic vibrations can we navigate with clarity and understanding through these changing times.