The New Earthing Chakra System

A New Earth, A New System…

Here we are, right in the middle of a significant age – the winding up of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, and in a time long talked about by the Hindus, Buddhists, and many other ancient religions…

Right now, we are right in the middle of the Milky Way equator, experiencing many impacting and challenging energies as we ride the thrust of the energies from this spiralling galactic home.  A new sense of earth is emerging for many, a new sense of ‘home’ both within their physical body, and within their soul and spirit body.  And also being reflected in the world and how we are placed in this earthly life.

Some of this is still so new and unfamiliar as to be uncomfortable and strange – and many of us are still ‘in transit’ as we move into our next ‘positions’ and stations.

A New Earth is emerging – many status quos are being challenged, many perceptions are being revised, many supposed ‘foundations’ are being whisked away – we are learning what is true for us on an invidual level – we are waking up to our true potentials.

On an energetic anatomy level, we have been expanding and growing – developing outside of the normal subtle anatomy levels, and new Higher (Upper) Chakras have been evolving and initiating.  Many Energy workers and LightWorkers are already aware of these upper chakras.

Now, however, we are ready for the next stage – the age of : –

The New Earthing Chakras and Earthing Chakra System

The previous recognised anchoring system was generally seen as this illustrated diagram shown here:

Original Earthing System

Now, in the advent of the New Age, with New Energy Waves, New Opportunities and New Choices, many of us are evolving and being promoted to a new state of Being, grounding and anchoring.   We are being gifted with new Chakra anatomy…

Chakra-wise, right now we have new challenges as we attempt to birth, initiate and activate these new Chakras and the new System.

Indeed, an important priority for many energy workers (both in their energy work and in their own ability to work effectively and timely with and in these new energies) is The New Earthing Chakra System and Subtle Body Anatomy And Matrix.

Higher Chakras and their New Earthing Anchor Chakras

The Higher Spiritual Chakras and their New Earthing Anchor Chakras

These amazing and beautiful Chakras are the major keys to anchoring in the new higher vibrations and frequencies for transformation driven by the New Energy Waves coming from the Galactic Heart.

As we have been activating higher levels of consciousness, and moving more definately (albeit sometimes haltingly) toward our innate and true Purpose and Destiny, these Earthing Chakras have been evolving, growing, maturing, and ready for initation, activation, alignment and integration.

New Chakras and Energy Healing System

The New Chakras and their Subtle Body Anatomy are now being embraced and sought after as more and more energy workers, therapists and ‘sensitives’ are realising the impact of the New Energy Waves.

These impact on not only certain (and for some, many) aspects of their lives, but also on their energy fields, auras and subtle body Chakras.

The Earthing Chakra Matrix Foundation Has Been Established

My initial understanding of the Earthing and grounding aspects of the energetic systems was through the Earth Star, part of the Hara Line System, written about by Barbara Ann Brennan.  This was a great basis to work with initially.  But I realised it was insufficient for the incoming energies to anchor into and build on.  The higher vibrations were really knocking not only myself, but many people around me.

As I generally attempted to and tended to be a good ‘anchor’ in energetic work, focusing on remaining grounded even when doing high dimensional work covering many levels, it was a natural progression for me to automatically tune in and begin to work with the developing subtle body anatomy of the Earthing Chakra Matrix.

From Earth Star to Earthing Chakra Matrix

Since 2009 I have been exploring and working with these 5 Earthing Chakras and the initial Earthing Anchor Chakra Matrix. One discovery is that most human beings already are trying to get these 5 working for themselves, and many new babies are being born with them already activated. The meanings of these new Chakras and the information for activation has been revealed, documented and is now ready to be published in manual and book form for general release.

Because I have been working with many LightWorkers and energy workers, and because of their advanced energetic systems, I have also been able to work with further newly evolved Earthing Anchor Chakras.  These build on the initial 5 Earthing Anchor Chakras together with further enhanced function, frequencies and foundational aspects to even more levels and dimensions

Advanced LightWorkers have even more Advanced Earthing Anchor Chakras, and the information about these is currently being made available so that they can manage and understand these energy centers for themselves. For those who also sense that they have developed further anchor chakras to support their higher spiritual chakras and for lightworkers, the book/s will be available soon. The information has been filtered down since 2009 and is now ready for this new age and this new time.

This will finally allow full anchoring in of the Cyclical timing of the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, ending December 12 2012.

Which marks the beginning of a new era – and the results of our choices and choosing on a Soul level.

Earthing Chakras on a Practical Level – For Anyone

The New Earthing Chakras are available to ANYONE!

Not just for those who are consciously working on their spiritual path and journey.

But for anyone with a physical body!

They are part of our anatomy, which is composed of many aspects, whether physical, electrical, emotional or mental – the balancing of these Chakras will benefit anybody.

So if you are simply working on your allergies, your skin problem, energy levels, circulation or digestion or with any physical ailment, then, just like the Meridian system, and just like the Energetic bodies (which any kung fu or martial art expert knows about) – having these initatied, activated and balanced will benefit anybody.

So if you are looking for optimum health and energy, you can not ignore this Chakra System.

Mystery Schools, Mayan Calendars, Star-Seeds and ‘Secrets’

I have long suspected that The New Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy and Matrixes (Matrices) is part of the early teachings in the Ancient Mystery Schools and Temples, and that almost all of this early esoteric knowing has been destroyed, warped or contaminated, but is now being reclaimed by those of true spiritual ethics.

What an amazing time to be around on Planet Earth!

Yes, a bit erratic at times, a bit pressured, a bit confusing and frustrating, but in the greater scheme of things, it is a huge culmination of consciousness.  Of our own.  Of the Planet’s. Of this connection with the Higher Divinity of Life, whether you refer to that as ‘The-All-That-Is’, Mother / Father God, Divine Spirit, Universal Source, or simply ‘God’…Could it be that the ‘Truths’ or ‘Secrets’ about an abundant and prosperous life, spirit and mission could be creeping closer and closer to our fingertips, as our Mothership Planet Earth draws closer to our meeting place on the Equator of the Milky Way during 2012?

Could it be that for many, this is the final Earth incarnational experience?  Could it be that for many Star-Seeded, their dreams of ‘flying’ home will be realized this lifetime, and maybe even before death?

Who really knows?  We have to live and function in the current reality whilst managing our other ‘lives’ as it were, and these New Earthing Chakras will enable a better expression of this.

So buckle up, anchor in, the ride is not yet over, but the mechanisms for a smoother ride are already here.