New Chakra Healing Workshops

The New Chakra Healing Workshops

I am delighted to announce these New Workshops which are the latest developments in Energy Healing Systems in the Energy Bodies.

These Workshops are based on the following Subtle Body Energy Systems:

The New Earthing Chakra System and Subtle Body Anatomy Matrix

The New Psychic Body Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy Matrix

The New Signal Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy (Alert System)

The New Chakra Healing Workshops are being held in Melbourne during June July and August.  Details are as follows –

The New Earthing Chakra System and Subtle Body Anatomy Workshop

System of Healing and Alignment during and for the new incoming realities and energies. Preparation for the new Era heralded by the Mayan Long Count Calendar through the induction and activation of the New Earthing Matrix System.

Supports and synchronises the shift of older energetic systems and focus to a different foundational level, with the new Earthing Anchoring system that allows for a deeper poise and stability through the initation, activation, clearing and calibration of these new evolved Earthing Chakras.

  • Essential preparation to enable ability to ride out the further incoming energies in the New Dawn (New Era).
  • Experiential process of alignment, diagnosis and correction
  • Understanding of the different Earthing Chakra functions
  • Recognition of the separate Earthing Chakra activations and stages
  • Key statements for Star and Soul alignment
  • Toolbox for self healing and management
  • Foundational underpinning for other New Chakras now evolving

2 day Experiential and informative Workshop. With Manual

October 12/13, Melbourne

Investment: $450 – Deposit $150

Bookings: 03 8743 1038 / 0417314125


The New Psychic Body Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy Workshop

System of Clearing, Repair, balancing, de-clogging and enhancement for the developed Psychic Body Antennae and Psychic Body Anatomy. Lightworkers have been developing their antennae and need to know about the care, maintenance, safe-guarding and preservation of their energy reading, clairaudience and sensate tools used in healing and in navigating life.

Particular necessary in these ever increasing and higher energy frequency times.

  • Locations of the Initial Psychic body
  • Locations of the Developed /Mature Psychic Body Chakras and Antennae
  • Feed-in knowledge, regulators, transducers, and corresponding connections
  • Care, balance, clearing and correlation
  • Interference diagnosis and repair
  • Toolbox for self balancing

The New Signal Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy Workshop

System of Identification, Diagnosis, Balance and Healing connecting both the physical and mental systems with the energetic and Chakra systems.

This is a separate Chakra System that is now extremely relevant, easily accessed and extremely informative for speedier diagnosis of overwhelm, shock, survival, toxic penetration and cultural issues ranging from family, relationships to culture and geographic location.

  • Instant overall keyword for inharmonious state within the being and body
  • Instant anchoring for change within the being / body
  • Instant main colour adjustment for calming, balance or clearing
  • Recognition of repressed or relevant priority shocks etc related to current situation or during current balance
  • Assists energy body to recognize itself, and its space-time-physical location
  • Useful for immediate identification of Survival issues and alerts


Psychic & Signal Workshop over same weekend

November 9 & 10 –  Frankston, Melbourne

Investment: $450 – Deposit $150

Bookings: 03 8743 1038 / 0417314125