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Mayan Chakras

The New Chakra Systems

A lot of the clients I am seeing recently tend to complain about occasional bouts of dizziness, or of feeling ungrounded from time to time, but in a way that feels different from their previous experiences.  This seems to be a new phenomenon, one linked with the enormous changes occurring everywhere, particularly energetically.

When we look at the client’s usual energy systems they generally seem to be okay.  We can settle the current situations that they may be working through.  But more and more often I will need to work with their developing subtle body anatomy which is in the form of the new Energy Matrixes.  At first I thought it was just their energetic responses to the incoming energies as we move into what was described to me as ‘The Photon Belt’.

On investigation, I discovered this to be the term given to our slow orbit and movement toward the centre of the Milky Way and the teeming galaxies there.

On further examination, I discovered that several energetic components were affecting us – namely the higher frequency emissions from deep space as we approached our rendezvous with the Milky Way equator, the increasing planetary tilt off our Polar Axis, the growing global consciousness and  increase of light-holding capacity for individuals, the increase in ‘knowing’ and release from past ‘enslavement’-consciousness.

As I re-examined the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and sifted through the doomsday forecasts of ‘Revelations’ (I was once an avid Bible scholar, and remember much from those studies), ‘Mad Max’ scenarios etc, and tuned in to my own knowings, I realized along with many others, that this is a time in Planetary history / herstory that is of great soul and spiritual significance.

Lessons of Lemuria, Atlantis and Universality

Many stories have been written about Lemuria and Atlantis.  Some in line with the actual happenings, some way off mark, but all with the message about lessons needing to be learned.  We are again approaching the opportunity to make a huge leap in vibrational ascendancy, to kind of progress from school with all its childish and repetitive games, karma and competitiveness, and to advance to a higher university or vocation, one that is Universe or Divinely related.

And that is what is happening.  We are endeavoring to become more Universal, to relate to the Universe more and to the Universality of each other on this tiny StarShip called Planet Earth.

The Mayan Chakras are a sign of our approaching maturity and spiritual adulthood.  Remember the college years, and having to deal with those puberty blues – remember discovering the hormones that kicked in during those adolescent years?

Well, in a way we are undergoing similar developments here.  On an energetic and Soul level.

But the Good News is that we are getting ready to leave all that behind, if we haven’t already begun to do so.  We are learning to drive our cars, or upgrading our current ones, and we are doing so on an energetic level as well as a soul and spiritual level.

New Driving Licenses for the New Chakras

Some of us need to learn to drive these unfamiliar new vehicles, yet others already innately know but are not quite sure of the new consoles or the extra equipment and need to get familiar with them.  Yet others have been holding the light for so long they are a bit worn out, and need some instructions rather than have to work out and write up the manuals again.

Well, its all been done for you.  The ancient Chakra Systems have been re-charted, and they just await your instructions.

Read about them here: New Chakras & Subtle Body Anatomy

Blessings and Cheers

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