The New Vital Chakras

New Ascension Chakras

With the recognition and documentation of the New Extra-Ordinary Chakras, special attention should be paid to the new Vital Chakras that are part of the new Chakra systems as listed earlier in my article called .

When working with the New Vital Chakras, it is important to handle with care and respect, as they are literally being ‘established’ and need nurturing as opposed to being roughly handled.

Too much ‘authority’ will not assist these new Chakras.

Because some of them access several dimensions, it is important to work with real care and real knowledge, as I have seen them retarded when not treated correctly.

So even though I am listing them here, I am giving fair warning to please, please go easily with them until you are familiar with their function and operation.

I am writing a book about these as well as the New Extra-Ordinary Chakras.

Some of the New Vital Ascension or Extra-Ordinary Chakras

Some of the new Vital Chakras are listed below, and most of them are part of these new Chakra systems as listed earlier.

  • Link Chakra
  • Sex Chakras
  • 4 ½ Point Chakra
  • High Heart Chakra
  • Ear Chakras
  • Eye Chakras
  • Thymus Chakra
  • Navel Chakra

A brief definition of these Chakras follows.  Further comprehensive descriptions are in my book on these New Vital and Extra-Ordinary Chakras.

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Link Chakra

The Link Chakra is an out-of-body Chakra.  It’s function is to link several energetic systems together, both aligning and anchoring them into 3D level.  This Vital Chakra should be handled with extreme care, as specific knowledge and ethics are required to effectively balance this.  When mis-handled it can cause energy hemorrhage.

Sex Chakras

Very few are aware of these Chakras, which are actually classified as both ‘in-body’ and out-of-body’.  Though located in the lower half of the body, they are not necessarily directly positioned at the genital area.  They govern many aspects of sexuality, and can hold scarring from this life and from past lives.

4 ½ Point Chakra

Associated with the psychic senses (and the Psychic Body Chakras), and with energy leaching, this is usually located ‘out-of-body’, though it can be assisted and healed with direct physical contact as well as energetic auric treatment.

High Heart Chakra

There are several ‘Heart’ Chakras, depending on the model or reference system one is using.  I have found that not everyone has exactly the same energetic anatomy when it comes to the heart chakras, so one needs to establish which are operational or applicable to the individual before simply assuming that everyone is the same.  Some names for other ‘Heart’ Chakras located near and around the original (Major Chakra system) Heart Chakra are: High Heart Chakra, Twin Heart Chakra and the Ananda Kanda Heart Chakra.

Ear Chakras & Eye Chakras

These Chakras are connected with both the Psychic Body system and the Signal Chakra system.  These Chakras have interesting and multi-faceted anatomy and are both ‘in-body’ and ‘out-of-body’ Chakras.  The head is a complex area, as it possesses many chakras, and many control points.  As mentioned, take care when working with these chakras.

Thymus Chakra

Situated near the Thymus, this Chakra is part connected to the Psychic Body Chakras and other esoteric and energetic anatomy not covered in this article.

Navel Chakra

The Navel Chakra is part of a separate energetic body and connects several important aspects of the being into the present time and present incarnation.  Because of its vividness when viewed clairvoyantly, some have associated it with the Major Chakra system, making it an 8 system.  This is not part of the Major Chakra system.  Its importance, though, must not be underestimated.