Extra-Ordinary Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing and Healing

In esoteric and healing circles, as well as in all types of natural healing, there is already recognition of the hidden aspects to the physical body.  These include the energy bodies, the meridians and the chakras.  In this article we deal mainly with the chakras.

To balance and heal the Chakras, we first need the knowledge and information necessary to locate them, in order to assist them back to balance.

Secondly, we need the skills, training or talents necessary to make a positive difference, and to apply the correct vibrational or natural energy correction, as these structures and systems are energetic in nature.

Thirdly, we need to monitor and maintain these as the Planet and all who live here undergo the shifts and waves of constantly changing and upgrading vibrational frequencies.

Care and Respect

All Chakras deserve being treated with care and respect.  These are the energetic nerve centers of the body, they nourish the body and its vital parts.

Knowing about them is not enough.  Being care-full is important.  You need to be in a neutral space (having no personal agenda) when working on others, and in as peaceful a space as possible when working on yourself.

Learning about how you can use Vibrational Healing**  or Energy Healing is vital to make a positive difference for yourself, or you can use meditations specifically designed to assist you, or consult with a properly trained professional, therapist or healer.

Even those living in idyllic areas are experiencing the unsettling energies, as they are visiting all on the Planet.

New Evolved Ascension Chakras – Extra-Ordinary Anatomy

As I have mentioned in several places on websites www.myrasri.com and www.selfhelphealing.net, we are moving into a new phase, and our energetic anatomy has shifted gears accordingly.

These new Ascension, Extra-Ordinary and Evolved Chakras have been emerging in stages over the last 30 years or so, with the recognition of the Higher Chakras and in the more recent timeframe of the last 10 years, the new Human Earthing Chakra system.

These are above and beyond the normal Major Chakras, and can thus be categorized as the ‘Extra’ Ordinary.  To take license with this, this term ‘extraordinary’ also can mean: surprising, uncommon, exceptional, special, remarkable – in short, the opposite to ‘normal’.  These Chakras are not the ‘normal’ Major Chakras that I list below.

With the detection of these new Chakras and Chakra systems, I also learned about the New Vital Chakras .  I was given visions and experiences of them starting in 2001, and took notes.

It wasn’t until several years later when I was shown the new human Earthing Chakras as well as the Psychic Body Chakra system and Signal Chakra system that I remembered my earlier notes.  These new systems actually incorporated these earlier notes which had been put away ‘for future reference’, and I realized I had been learning about these for some time.

In recent times, several excellent energy and vibrational healers have pushed me to write about these new Chakras so that others may benefit from this knowledge.


Firstly, let us establish the current acceptance, knowledge and awareness on the main Chakras.

Current Chakra System

The Major Chakras are now widely accepted quite established in many circles related to natural therapies and natural healing.  They can be referred to in complementary medicine to give a more holistic view when treating the body and any emotional imbalances.

This model has been operating in Indian (Ayurvedic) and Chinese (TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine) health practices for thousands of years, and is even becoming acceptable now in some western medical systems.

For some of those who are already familiar with this system and who work with it, it may come as no surprise to hear that there are now other chakras and Chakra systems that are revealing themselves.

The Major Chakras

The usual Major Chakra model consists of 7 Chakras sometimes referred to an ‘in-body’ because they relate to the nervous system within the physical body.

Often viewed by those with extra-sensory or clairvoyant sight as wheels of spinning light, they are considered important when it comes to healing.  Because it has been noted that these wheels or centres of light often register disharmony or other imbalances long before the actual physical body shows disease, they are considered as a primary preventative diagnostic tool, and register of energy blocks, trauma or possible damage to any of the systems within the body.

The Major Chakras are:

Base, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

The Minor Chakras

Included in the Minor Chakras are the chakras related to the joints in the body (there are quite a few), as well as the organs and glands of the body.

These are usually known as the:

  • The Joints Chakras (also includes the Spinal Chakras)
  • The Organs Chakras
  • The Glands Chakras

Those who have some knowledge of human anatomy and physiology may find it relatively easy to locate the approximate area of these minor chakras.  Those who have studied kinesiology or who have some working knowledge of muscle testing can improve on this and should be able to locate the exact positions of the relevant chakras.

It is easy to learn with the correct clear instructions. (See my book “Self Help – Energy Secrets ”.)

The Evolved Extra-Ordinary Chakra Systems

The other ‘New’ and Extra-Ordinary Chakra systems are:

  • The Higher Chakras
  • The Human Earthing Chakras (as separate from the Planetary Chakras)
  • The Psychic Body Chakras
  • The Signal Chakra System

These systems enhance our energy functions, particularly for those who have been traumatized or who are ‘sensitive’ or who are energetically exhausted or ‘spent’.  Some of us are finding it hard going with the New Energy Waves and especially the final energy wave that has recently arrived.

The Higher Chakras

These Chakras are sometimes referred to as the ‘Upper Chakras’.

They are positioned above the Crown Chakra and above the head.  There are several models for these higher or upper chakras, and they have varying names.

Some of the names used even though they may be referring to the same chakras are: Soul Star, ‘I Am’ Chakra, Higher Self Chakra, Universal Gateway, Cosmic Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Christed Consciousness and of course, there are even more varieties of names.

Working out which chakra is which is not just about their position but also about their function.  The names can be quite confusing unless you know the approximate position and the individual Chakra functions.  You can read about them in my book on The New*** Extra-Ordinary and Vital Chakras.

Don’t be overly worried about the names until you are familiar with their functions, then you will find the name that fits best for you.

The Human Earthing Chakras

Many are aware that this Planet we live on also has her own Chakras.  You may have heard that certain places function as energy centers similar to the human ones – as we have a Heart Chakra, so does the planet etc. Over time, the positions of some of these chakras have shifted and changed, or new ones have evolved.

The new Human Earthing Chakras are not to be confused with the Planetary Earth Chakras.  They are quite separate, though they may inter-relate.

The new Human Earthing Chakras have evolved to anchor in the new Higher Chakras that have developed and emerged over the last 30 years or so.  As we have been growing and maturing these higher chakras, so we have needed to dig deeper energetically into the earth in order to ground and ‘hold’ the higher frequencies in 3 Dimension.  These new Earthing Chakras are multi-dimensional and are now an important part of our energetic anatomy.

As we approach 2012, we have 12 new Earthing Chakras with some advanced souls already incubating and growing three new ones.  For most of us, we only need to work with most of these 12, usually the first 8 Earthing Chakras, though some less challenged souls need only work with the first 5 Earthing Chakras to remain reasonably balanced.  It would appear that the more advanced our Higher Chakra anatomy, then the more developed and expanded the lower Earthing Chakras.

The Psychic Body Chakras

Some are aware of the involvement of the Third Eye Chakra in intuitive and psychic abilities, and some are aware of a few other related Chakras, including the Transpersonal.

We now have a comprehensive Psychic system that is not just for those who show clairvoyant or clairaudient or clairsentient skills.  Our intuition and knowing is increasing through these new Chakras, which can function below par because of energetic broadcasts (you may notice them as high pitch sounds or ear pressure) that can trigger activations or cause energy buildup or blockages in the aura.

The higher frequencies can sometimes rattle us, and knowledge about these Chakras can be of great help in keeping our thoughts clear and ordered.

Every one of my clients has benefitted from clearing and aligning these new Chakras.

The Signal Chakra System

Though these are called the ‘Signal’ Chakras, when I first discovered them, I referred to them as the ‘Survival Chakras’ as they registered shock held in the body and always showed up when the Adrenal gland and system had locked into ‘Survival Mode’.

This compromised the integrity of the energy systems, and de-stabilized the etheric body.  It also meant that balances did not ‘hold’ or ‘take’ and that the person would be in a similar situation again despite the work done regarding healing.

The discovery of this led to learning about some of the new Vital Chakras.

To read about these, go to this page: The New Vital Chakras

Putting It All Together – The Mayan and Ascension Chakras, and the New Evolved Extra-Ordinary Chakras

So now you are aware of these Vital Chakras and of the New Extra-Ordinary or Evolved Ascension Chakras.  In my articles on my website www.selfhelphealing.net and www.myrasri.com I talk about the Mayan or Ascension Chakras, which are basically the same.  I initially called them Mayan and Ascension because of the timing of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the final Energy Waves associated with this, all timed for a spiritual shift and enhanced potential for Ascension into another level of awareness and spiritual development and experience.  However they are the newly evolved and evolving Chakras for mankind as we develop and journey and evolve.

We are now more energetically challenged than ever before, and now is the time to work through the activation, establishment, initiation and alignment of these Chakras for a better transition into the new higher frequencies and the higher frequencies that the Planet is vibrating to.

Many are suffering from a myriad of new symptoms resulting from the conversions of our energy systems to the new and higher ‘New Energy Wave’ frequencies, and it is helpful for all Light Workers to know about these new Chakras in order to align, activate, balance and maintain them through cleansing.

Ancient debris and residue is emerging, and we need to keep our energy centers as clear as possible.

Our spiritual journey is now becoming more and more a very real part of our 3D reality and way of life… how we live is now who we are becoming… we are moving into our purpose in new ways.

Take advantage to set your Chakras as we embark into the next phase of life on Planet Earth.

Blessings and Rainbows,

Myra Sri

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