New Chakras Subtle Body Anatomy

New Spiritual Chakras

With the exposure of the New Evolved Chakras – the New Spiritual Chakras – there has also been the disclosure of their associated subtle body anatomy.

These Chakras can be of real and lasting benefit to those Souls who are here to make a difference; who have chosen to be here at this time, at this Planet, as this Homo Sapiens Sapiens species moving into Homo Luminous!

We are engaged in throwing off the Dark – with all of its Controllers and OverLords – to bring more Divine Light to this Planet and this species.  For this we require new armour, new equipment, new tools, new knowledge – we need to know just where the Dark can insinuate itself or where any vulnerabilities are in order to stand; and to Stand Strong!  We need a strong Light Body…

The New Chakras support our Light Body.  The New Systems support our current journey, and I have not come across them anywhere else.  But they exist!  Spiritual healers, Psychic experts, and Medical Intuitives, as well as the many students and clients I have worked with on these New Chakras, have attested to their existence once they had been identified.  And also the positive changes since becoming acquainted with them.

These new Chakras exist on a different level to the normal Main Chakras, and many are capable of multi-dimensional interface.  The New Chakras have been mainly involved in three new Subtle Body anatomies:

The New Earthing Chakras (first to be revealed), the New Psychic Chakras and Body (the New Sensory Psychic Chakras) and the New Signal/ Survival Chakras.  A brief description of each can be found by clicking on each link.

The New Evolved Chakras

The New Evolved Chakras Book has been released, and the new ‘The Highly Sensitives Guide to the Sensory Psychic Chakras’ released in May 2017.

New Sensory Psychic Chakras

These can be ordered directly from and will also be available at Amazon and good online bookstores soon.

Write me if you experience any difficulty in accessing them.

Cheers and blessings