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New Chakra Balancing Healing – Mayan Chakras

The Mayan Long Count Calendar is creating a pivotal point for many, and has been for some time.  We are on the Brink of 2012.

With the end time date of December 2012 looming, many are looking for the meaning of this date and the meaning of the times that we live in.  There are many possible interpretations, and indeed, to me, there are several concurrent interpretations.  And the meaning and interpretation may vary for the different souls on their own unique and individual path.

However, what I think is common to most are the energetic implications.  For some time I have been working with these  ‘New’ Chakras that have been revealing themselves.   And the new chakra healing that we can do for ourselves.

What I now realise is that they have been revealing themselves because they have been able to ‘develop’ along with these energetic shifts and the input of energies from outside of our tiny little planetary system.  And also they have revealing themselves because I have been able to ‘see’ them, recognize them and activate them – a skill from many life-times ago.

Have we always had this anatomy?

Possibly… and for many light seekers … probably.  But its either been dormant, or we have not been ready, or certain souls have had to be in a certain place on a spiritual journey level for them to begin to appear.

Since the beginning of 2009 these ‘new’ Chakras and their Systems really began revealing themselves to me.  Maybe I was just fortunate enough to be working with the aware spiritual individuals that came to me and opened their energetic anatomy with me.  Or maybe I was ready to hear, see and work with them.  In my own subtle body systems I had noticed profound changes, and had started to chart the different levels that were being shown to me.

What is the connection between these ‘New’ Chakras and the Mayan Chakras?

I call them the Mayan Chakras as a way of identifying them apart from the common or Main Chakras, the well-known system of the 7 Chakra System, which have long been identified by the Indian and Vedic, and also the Traditional Chinese systems.

As ‘civilizations’ evolve, as technology evolves, as knowledge evolves, so to it would appear that energy systems evolve.  I cannot fully say that civilizations ‘mature’ based on results of certain so called ‘civilizations’ but I can apply this to the Energy Systems.

I would also mention here that the ancients of old knew about many things long lost to the world today.

Ancient Chakra Balancing Healing Energy Secrets

Etheric anatomy secrets passed down and entrusted through the sacred temples and mystery schools of Ancient Egypt, and long before them, allowed the protection, survival and enhancement of certain energy systems.  These have been all but obliterated through the ‘progress’ of civilization, and conquerors.

But all is not lost.  For times are changing and certain energetic and environmental factors are supporting progress of a different kind, should we wish to take advantage of it.

As a species, as a carbon-based life-form, we have been growing and evolving on a subtle energy body level.  Or more precisely, we are being given the opportunity to do so.

Our understanding of so many things is changing.  This is particularly obvious with the research and findings and the new scientific understandings relating to Quantum Field studies with Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics.

And now our understanding of Chakras is also changing, together with some of the existing Main Chakra functions.  I will be writing more about these later.

What are these Mayan Chakras?   And why are they here now?

Put simply, they are Chakras from earlier understandings, earlier ancient energetic times.  They have been around for thousands of thousands of years, but have needed the right energetic environment to ‘kick-in’.

One way of looking at it is this:

Seeds or pods are scattered from their parent plant, be it a tree, a flower or a ‘weed’.  However, not all circumstances suit all seeds.  Some need water to begin the germination process.  Some need covering with soil.  Yet others need a certain temperature. Some even need fire to activate their growth process.

The Chakras we are looking at here are being activated by the position of the Planet, together with the tilt of the Planet and the current consciousness quotient of the Planet.  There are other factors, but just these basic factors will give you some idea of what I mean.

So what do we Do about these New Chakras?

Some of the systems may need clearing, as some contain old traumas, old programs which are up for release in this day and age.  Yet others need Chakra aligning.  Others need Chakra activating.  Others just need Chakra balancing.  But if you don’t know what they are, and you don’t know where they are, its not so easy to do all of this.

And doing any of these can make a big difference in your physical and energetic experience of life.

Obviously the first thing is to find out where they are, and begin to acknowledge and work with them.

This way you can move through some of them by yourself.  Or you can buy my book on these new systems, or attend my workshops.  I am also running a Circle, so you can begin some of the work there.

Whichever way you start, it is wise that you do start, as these chakras, particularly the Earthing Chakra Matrix, are essential to help anchor in the higher and faster moving vibrational energies at this time.

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Safe Journey!

Myra Sri

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