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Self – Healing

If you have heard of or read any of my little life ‘stories’ (like most people, I have had a few interesting adventures this life time), you will know that I have learned skills to add to my natural healing abilities & studies, and have drawn on these life experiences and triumphs, adding them to my ‘tool-kit’.  I have also been able to re-member and reconnect back to lifetimes as a Master and a Healer and am grateful that these skills can come through my work.

This in part may be because I was so dedicated to healing myself, especially where others were not able help me or where I was not able to allow them in to do so.  It is amazing how we can protect those hurt inner parts of us that we don’t want to look at because of the pain they carry.  Speaking from personal experience here.

There are many wonderful tools out there, and there is not one modality that I know of or have come across that ‘fixes it all’.  It simply doesnt exist.

We are amazingly complex beings, and we sometimes have to use a variety of tools and even use them together to get good and long lasting results.

But we need to start off first with the dedication to healing ourself.

You Are The Only One (Really) Who Can Heal You

No matter what technique you use, you are the one – the only one – who gives permission – and this happens when you are ready to heal!

A good practitioner will work together with you to make you feel safe enough to let go of the … block, pain, fear, emotion, pattern etc … and they will work with you at your pace.

Really good practitioners will also know when you need a combination of things, such as seeing not just the energy worker or kinesiologist, but also seeing that certain osteopath or acupuncturist at the same time.  Or seeing the homeopath as well as doing yoga or tai chi together.  I could go on with the possible combinations, but if anyone ever tells you that they can fix it all for you – then take extra care with what they say and do!

Self Help Healing & Self-Diagnosis

There are also things that you can do for yourself.  Things that you can afford when other healing work is too expensive.  Things that you can try to see if you are on the right track.

However, there must be some care when taking this task on.  It can be true that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, so do some research along the way.

When we begin to self diagnose our problems, it is important that we learn as much as we can about the ramifications of the process or pathway we choose to follow.

For example: ‘Self Diagnosis’ and ‘Self Medicating’ can become an uncertain practice, as you may have some information on what, say, your liver needs, but taking the liver herb or supplement could create problems within your lymphatic or kidney system if the state of their ability to function is not also taken into account.

And then you may feel so bad for a while, or experience a toxic ‘lash-back’ that puts you off using supplements again, when that could have been avoided by finding the right advice first.  So if you are going to use supplements or herbs, try and get correct and qualified nutritional advice first – you could possibly see if you can find a free session from a qualified naturopath of homeopath who works in your health food store if you can’t afford to work with a nutritionist.

Ask!   You may be pleasantly surprised.

I know of some places that give free consultations, which gives you a chance to see just how much they can pick up about what is happening for you!  Some Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who work with herbs often do a pulse and symptom diagnosis before prescribing the appropriate herbs.

Finding a good resource who can point you in the direction of correct nutritional supplements can not only be helpful in speeding up the healing process, but also in saving you lots of money.

The Right Magnesium

For instance; Magnesium, one of the most important minerals in preventing dehydration (which is a prime reason for many illnesses and discomforts) can be found in many forms.  A top health food store chain of outlets in England sells the most common form which is not easily assimilated, and you can take it for years with only minimal improvement.

So knowing that Magnesium Oxide or Carbonate is of little use to most people as it is so poorly assimilated, one can optimise one’s money and health investment by purchasing Magnesium Citrate, Orotate, Amino Acid Chelate, Gluconate, Glycinate or Aspartate instead.

Teach Yourself to Help Yourself

Click Picture to go to Books on Energy Secrets

A valuable tool is to be able to identify or prioritise issues or self-support by learning to muscle test yourself.

And I show you how in my book about  Self Help – Energy Secrets (see picture with Click-on-Link).

You will be able to build on this to support yourself in many valuable ways.

This book is unique!

It really is worth trying because it will allow you to see what can happen energetically (using the ‘energy’ of the body to gain information) and can give you more power and knowledge over what can be done to fix it.

The book contains easy safe instructions, and lots of information that will give you some interesting insights into what you can do to help and to heal yourself!

Be Safe, Be Well,

Myra Sri

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