Etheric Actions of Essential Oils

Color Codes of Essential Oils Book

Many of you will have read some of my entries on Essential Oils and their changed and updated roles in todays vibrational therapy use.

Some of you were already aware  that I was writing a book on Essential Oils that reveals their etheric qualities and codes.  This is now complete and published and ready for download.

The book is now in the form of an eBook or digital download book, meaning that you can save it to your computer and read it directly yourself – no waiting.

It is now available for  Kindle and eReader download for those who have one of these handy little gadgets.  And if you don’t have an iPad or Kindle reader, you can get the Kindle Previewer download for your computer for free!

Have a Favourite Oil?

Vibrational Healing Secrets-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

Vibrational Healing Secrets-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

If there is a particular oil you wish to know about that is not include, write and let me know and I will do my best to provide further information on it.

The book has 33 Essential Oils, so is pretty comprehensive.

It also has a Summary so that you can see at a glance most of the major relevant points.

It is quite unique as it deals with what cannot be seen and how it impacts on the energy bodies, chakras, meridians, and light bodies.

The vibrational healing colors are described, and how they work.  Whoever you are, this will give you further added information on the actions of Essential Oils in the current vibrational cosmic and universal energies.

Cheers and Blessings,

Myra Sri


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