Oils in the New Energy Waves

Essential Oils And Their Application In The New Energy Wave

New subtle body anatomy is evolving that has always been present, though in many it was dormant, so that we can now anchor the new incoming energies appropriately in these current times.

It is my opinion, observation and experience that the use of Essential Oils is also changing.  We are expanding on our understanding and use of them, and their use in self help healing is becoming not only more popular, but more comprehensive.

It is so easy to enhance your energy fields, energy, sense of well-being and your aura with simple healing techniques using Essential Oils.

As the Planet shifts on her axis, and moves slightly differently through space we move into different wavebands and frequencies.  Some of this is quite new for humanity in relatively recent evolutionary experience.  It can trigger resonances long held, not only in humans or animals, but also in the Earth itself, including Essential Oils.

And we arealso  relating to nature and our position in space-time slightly differently.

A New Role in Energy Healing – Essential Oils and Their Use Today!

As Essential Oils are a form of concentrated and focused planetary energy in the form of plants, flowers, lipids, volatile oils, other natural substances and etheric life-force, their application and relationship to us and to all things ‘living; is shifting and thus coming into a different association with humanity, and the individual human energy systems in particular.

Not only can we enjoy their application on a sensual and conscious aromatherapy level, we can now use them as a very real healing tool that, when combined with intent and consciousness, takes a quantum energy leap and works on a vibrational energy healing level.

We are already aware of the effects of Essential Oils on the Nervous System and the Brain, studies supporting what the ancient wise knew well.  With the advent of energy measuring, energy monitoring and energy photography, we can also verify what psychics, healers and clairvoyants have seen for centuries.

Etheric Properties of Essential Oils

Invisible etheric energies unseen by the ordinary human eye pervade and saturate essential oils.  These etheric energies give rise to etheric colors.  Each color and etheric vibration has a unique action.  Because of the refinement of their Vibrational frequency energy, their qualities are able to infiltrate and pass through human etheric fields, creating vibrational healing changes as they go when applied correctly.

If you can imagine what happens with say smoke from a fire, or a cigarette, and how it passes through into hair and clothing, you can begin to imagine the emanations of the vibrations from essential oils.

[At a deeper level, imagine z-rays passing even through bone.  The energies of essential oils pass through into the energetic structure, and by their very biological nature, they are in bio-harmony with humanity.]

However, their action is even stronger than this, as the fineness of their frequencies can penetrate more than smoke can.  They can be absorbed and pass through cellular barriers.  This is seen clearly when applying Lavender to the wrist or temple points.  The Lavender is absorbed directly into the blood stream, usually safely as it has so many soothing applications, and as you will know, it also reaches the nervous system, and the brain.

This helps to calm, relax and soothe one.

Oils generally will not penetrate where they are not welcome, as they are generally not aligned to force or infringement toward others. Continual use of the same oil day after day is usually okay except in certain circumstance.

Most oils are safe to use often, however use Juniper Oil judiciously, and cease for a rest after using for 3 months as the strength of their detoxification abilities will build up in the system.  So go easy with this oil.  Though occasional use will speed up release of toxins in both  the physical and the energy bodies.

[If you suspect you are pregnant, please take care with essential oils and check for their safety in use as they are really quite active and powerful!]

More About Individual Essential Oils

The first post we take a look at the beautiful Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil.

To Learn more about the new role and vibrations of oils and of how to use Essential Oils in the New Ways, I have written a new book.

“Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy – Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit”

Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy - Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Vibrational Healing-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

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If you wish to know about a particular oil not covered in the book, you are welcome to contact me directly, and I will include it in a post or other writing asap.

Rainbow Blessings

Myra Sri


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