What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology has several definitions, yet many uses.


The word ‘Ki’ is recognized by eastern traditions to mean ‘Energy’, and has also been called ‘Chi’.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of addressing these aspects to the flow of life force in the human context in order to enhance health and well-being.

The ‘-ology’ part indicates the study of this energy, and of course, I like to think that the ‘esi’ bit refers to it being ‘easy’ to do so, but actually it can take a bit of study to be competent or good at it.  So let’s let the ‘esi’ bit mean that it provides ‘ease’ in the body and being…


So briefly, it is basically the Science and Study of Energy and Energy Systems in the Human Body.


Progressing from the domain of Chiropractors and Insurance Assessors for fraudulent medical claims, it has been found to be so flexible and accurate in it’s application that it is being used in many areas of life.  There is a Kinesiology that is used in Counselling (for greater individual accuracy), and  in Brain Integration (for re-integration after shock or stress), and even in Spiritual Development and working with understandings on the individual’s path.

I have known Psychics who have used it, Tennis Pros, Ballet Dancers, Performers:  Allergy Specialists who use it: Mums that use it to identify the best nutrition for family members: as well as professionals integrating it into their herbal, homeopathic, or medical practice.

It ‘s application is only limited by the user’s knowledge, ability, understanding and awareness, and usually enhances the application of their knowledge when used correctly.

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Good Health!