Energy Healing: Ki-nesiology

Brief Definition of Kinesiology: The Study (Science) Of Energy

Kinesiology Modality Description: Identifying and Balancing Energy Issues in the Body and Being

Kinesiology  – Still at the Forefront and In Touch with Change Today?

Kinesiology –  A Healing Science in the Process of Expansion


The blossoming of Kinesiology into so many different forms in such as short time is perhaps the best confirmation that it works.  Another confirmation is the enthusiasm and professionalism that many creative and dedicated practitioners have brought to it. These pioneers are constantly expanding the frontiers and exploring possible applications.

The intrinsic excitement that is driving so much research in this field may emanate from being involved in a science of biofeedback that is in a dynamic process of evolution and awareness.

Australia is seen by many to be a country at the fore-front of this science with an increasing number of world-respected Kinesiology researchers and teachers.  Upon a recent visit to England, I discovered that by comparison, kinesiology is much more known and accepted in Australia.  It is cheaper, more accessible, more diverse, and more prolific, and from what I saw, having lived for some time in various Australian states, particularly in Melbourne.

This, of course,  is not a conclusive or in depth study, simply my observation – and so if you live in an area where you experience the same, that is fantastic.  I have lived in England, and in Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne, and so have based my assessment (which is always open to further information) on my own personal experiences only.

Keeping up with Change in an Energetic World

The face of kinesiology has changed, and continues to change, since its first inception on these shores of Australia.  Its history began with the establishing of TFH (Touch for Health) which actively engaged the energy systems called Meridians (from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Systems) and has since continued to develop, research and gain from this now ancient (and comparatively simple yet) amazing technology.  Mostly initially connected with chiropractic work, it has evolved into other channels.

There is a consensus that kinesiology deals with energy.  The first part of Kin-esiology  – KI – means Energy or Chi. The –ology represents Science or Study. So Kinesiology originally represented the Science and Study of Energy within the Body.  Today it has developed into various streams of energy work, and now includes the branching of certain modalities involved with vibrational energy and the body and its various energetic components and on various energy levels.

So we are clearly dealing with energy.

Now it is also understood that energy, like electricity, generally can’t be seen.  We know that it works because we can demonstrate that it works.  We may even be able to sense that it works: in the changed tone of a client, in their changed posture, facial changes, thinking and expressing and in a variety of ways that clients report the felt or ‘sensed’ changes they experience.  Some sensitive clients can even note that their smell or hearing sense is improved, or the ‘nasty taste’ has left their mouth.  Others may even claim that they feel ‘lighter’.

I have been to demonstrations, and even early on experienced for myself during a session, that there was ‘a lot of energy’ involved.  I took this to mean that this was a ‘powerful’ healing session.  I later came to understand that this was not necessarily so.  That there may have been a lot of energy involved, that could be felt, sensed or experienced, but that this did not necessarily equate to change…

This same energy just got simply reabsorbed back into the client’s aura, or even the practitioners.  A bit like having a lot of smoke, but the fireworks not really taking off.  So I no longer go for the sense of  ‘a lot of energy’ being raised up.  I find huge changes can be made in more subtle energy experiences.  However, this is simply my experience, and so all I can relate to you in honesty is what I know and have experienced for myself.

However, this I do know.  To me the true testament to actuality in change through working with energy is the report from the client that things have changed in their lives and / or attitude.  (And we know that Energy can be measured, photographed, felt, and viewed by clairvoyants, so change to original energy profiles can be proven.)

So if therapists, whether kinesiologists or others, have been working with energy all this time, just what has changed that we need to be aware of or to keep up with?

Our understanding has changed!

Before, we worked blind most of the time, noting the changes, and accepting them, without realizing what we were actually working with.  In a manner of speaking, ‘What you cannot see, you cannot acknowledge’. Though we can acknowledge that we are working with energy, and that there are energetic changes taking place, we may not know just what these changes are, and of the actual consequence of these changes on an energetic level.  We may guess, but we don’t know.  Its subjective.  Unless one has a crystal ball.  And can use it properly!

Understanding Energy and Energy Healing

One school of thought states that in certain circumstances, when emotions are accessed, the ‘uncovering /release’ of these emotions creates the energetic catalyst or change that results in a canceling of the original imbalance or issue.  Another school states that infusion of a certain emotion or energetic vibration cancels or defuses a previous energetic or emotional state.  The general message being that opposite emotions cannot occupy the same place / space.  This may be true, and also may be simplistic.  It certainly happens.  (Though I do know of people who have experienced great fear and great love together…)

However, it is not necessarily the whole story.

Just what happens on an energetic level when, let’s say, a negative emotion is cancelled out or changed by a positive emotion or an energetic application?  Where does the original energy go?  What does it really look like?  What happens to it?

There are a several types of reaction that take place, such as an energetic explosion, where the original emotional issue implodes in on itself, or where there is an express or outer energetic explosion, with some energetic fallout.  There can be a part explosion, whilst other aspects of the issue have yet to be identified still.  This can result in fragmented energetic fallout.  The issue may be part of a larger thoughtform, which has not been fully diffused in entirety,

So just what happens to this fallout, or these explosion fragments?  Because they cannot be seen, they may not be recognised and so not acknowledged.  For practitioners, this can spell ill health down the track, or energetic interference both with their work, and with their own lives and issues.

Energy cannot be destroyed – but it can change

We know and understand that energy cannot be destroyed.  So we are familiar with transmutation and transformation.  So, can we guarantee that this is what happens all the time, that there is no residue from the energetic techniques?

The human energy system is comprised of many levels, one of the levels, or light bodies is the emotional body, another one is the mental body.  So we know that when working with emotional issues or patterned thinking, that these 2 levels or bodies will be involved.  What, then, takes place on the other auric levels?  Do they just sit there, without responding?  What happens energetically to or with them?  When emotions and energy are changed, just what is the residue from this activity or reaction?  Is there any residue?  What form might it take?  How will that affect me?  My client? This work space?

Now I have spoken to many people about this.  For years, because of the work that I am involved in, it has been of particular concern to myself.  Particularly after I survived a really traumatic experience that changed the way I perceive many things.  Because of the stress and trauma I had experienced, a lot of my energetic systems were affected, and I became even more sensitive to energy.

This created problems, as I didn’t yet fully know what was happening, and so didn’t know how to deal with it.  However, it brought me many lessons and gifts.  As I started seeing clients again, I was forced to learn more about the energetic interchanges and exchanges between clients and myself, as well as my relationships with others.  I learned from many sources, and this has made my work clearer, as well as my workspace.  I have learned to recognize when my energy has been affected by others.  I will give you an example.

Nasty Energy Experiences – ‘Explosions’

Have you ever felt like your head was knocked sideways by something, without being able to see what it is?  Your head has not actually moved, but there has been a sense of dizziness, or light-headedness, like a quick punch to the head.  Almost like your head was disconnected form your body, or up in the clouds momentarily, and not feeling too grounded… I sometimes call this ‘psychic whiplash’.  Psyche (meaning mind) explains to me that momentarily my head is not clear, but has reacted to something energetic.  Either that or I just walked through an invisible wall! And this may be the truth of it – as on one occasion I was left feeling very disoriented for quite some hours before discovering that I had inadvertently walked into a pocket of negative energy that impacted on me.  So let’s look at the possible reasons for this kind of experience.   Here are just a couple of the things I have discovered about it (and there are quite a few explanations).

One explanation is that as I have just indicated, you may have just walked into a bubble or pocket of energy mass of some sort – certainly not nice, or you would feel euphoric instead of the other way around.  This may be some disembodied loose negative energy floating around.  The result is a sense of dizziness and disorientation.  However, what may not be apparent is that this energy has now collided and become attached to some part of your energy field, and may continue to cause problems until cleared.

Another explanation might be that someone has been thinking of you, and not wishing you well.  So they have sent you some mind or directed mental energy, and if you were energetically open or stressed at the time, you may well have just felt its impact on your mental body, resulting in an energetic shake up in your energy systems, leading to a sense of disorientation.   How and why does this happen?  Consider instances when someone has been sending you loving thoughts, or prayers, and the ‘lift’ or relief you may have experienced at the time.  Same system.  Where thought goes, energy goes!

Yet another explanation is that you have literally walked into an entity or consciousness not resonant with your own, and felt its alien or strange structure, which again, has shaken up your equilibrium.  There are a few more I could mention, but you get the idea, now, don’t you?  A question you may now ask is ‘where did this come from?’  It has been my past experience to feel this after a client had left, and this was a large chunk of negative energy that was cleared from her system, but had not been fully cleared.  This may not be through faulty energy work, but simply as a consequence of dealing with energy.  Now this could be a large chunk of dead orgone energy (as labeled by the late William Reich,) which originally created disease in the client’s physical body, and has been loosened or released through the therapy or session.

So it is possible that working with serious physical problems can put the practitioner at risk unless they have particularly strong energy systems consistently and continually.  Or they are regularly supported and the energetic imprints in its myriad forms are addressed and cleared.

However, most practitioners may think or believe that their energy systems are stronger than they may actually be.  Quite naturally, the ego would like to think so.  I have talked to many who have believed so.  After all, this is important to our self image as well as to our sense of ability to perform to our very best when dealing with others, particularly those that are in some need of our help.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is so.

Belief vs. Ability

Some people have the belief that if they think that they are protected, then they are.

Let me say, that I have met a few practitioners that prove that in some cases this is true!

For certain others, though, this may also be true, only for some of the time, depending on their total belief system, & on the ability of their energetic & subtle bodies to support them towards full protection.  Particularly psychic or semi-psychic therapists.

As few people seem to be continually at the peak of the physical, psychic, emotional, mental & soul health required to sustain such a strong ‘shield’ or ‘barrier’, it is wise to consider supporting these beliefs with strengthening the being and the fields.

Remembering that one often feels vulnerable when presenting for a private session, an interesting question to ask the person that fully believes that they are completely protected against any and all ‘fall-out’ (and therefore do not need to take any precautions as to energy hygiene or protection) is this:  Can they guarantee that their clients are also so clearly protected so as not to pick up any possible toxicity from the healing space?

The aura is the energy field surrounding anything with an atomic structure.  Within the atoms that comprise all matter are electrons & protons – positive (electrical) & negative (magnetic) charges.  The more animate the life & matter, the more vibrant the aura or energy field surrounding it.  Auras & energy fields have been measured scientifically, as can its interactions with its external surroundings.  If we understand the interactions that take place, then we are better able to determine how best to balance, strengthen and cleanse the energy field.  With a strong & vibrant aura, negative, unbalanced & draining energies are more readily deflected.

The human aura surrounds the entire physical body, and is generally elliptical in shape.  Like an elongated balloon, the aura extends around the average human body approximately 8 – 10 feet in all directions.  The healthier we are, the more vibrant & strong this aura is.  The more energy we have, the less likely we will be to come under outside or toxic influences.

Psychology and Energy

I mention psychology here because I have consulted to and taught ethical energetic techniques to psychologists both individually and as a group.  They are prime examples of what can happen energetically when dealing with both the Mental and Emotional Bodies, as they often experience clients in crisis and trauma.

One of my clients, a recognised psychologist, was providing therapy and counselling to a family who had recently experienced a double trauma of a murder and brutal attack together.  The struggles and conflicts, as well as the trauma, loss, pain, grief, denial, anger and blame that was experienced by the family, really told on his energy, and his well-being.

Normal de-briefing couldn’t and didn’t sort out the energetic connections and explosions for him, nor provide sufficient relief to him from the mental, verbal and emotional assaults flying around during counselling.  As much as he struggled to bring some form of healing or understanding to the situation, he was continually overwhelmed energetically, and he would turn up to see me in a dreadful state.

He was ahead of a lot of psychologists as he recognised energy issues, and had some tools of his own as well as some basic ones I had taught him.  But these together with other therapy methods proved ineffective, and so he came to me to energetically solve and clear his problems.

In this instance, the mental and psychological approach was insufficient to deal with the myriad of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and the consequential energetic issues involved here.  Using kinesiology as a base tool, we were able to ascertain just how and which particular things were affecting him, address and resolve these, then provide further ongoing strategies, and bring resolution and energy back for him to continue to support the family.

Energetic Vulnerability

Obviously this was a particularly difficult case for anyone to deal with, and there was no other issue going on in his life to weaken his energy fields. If he had other stressful issues going on for him, the damage could have been worse (it is possible).

So even someone with a strong belief system is not always equipped to deal with all energetic issues.  What then can we become aware of: that the energy of clients can affect us!  That the tonality of a clients energy can leave their mark!  That change and stress can affect the practitioner, as it can affect the client!

Change brings Auric Adjustments

When one is in poor health, the edges of the aura can be loose, flappy, stretched, thin, vulnerable, or even scratched, torn, ripped or damaged.  This will affect the person’s ability to recover quickly to full health, or to protect themselves from environmental and energetic damage or pollution, or to guard them from the problems or emotions of others.  Creating a healthy aura again is a process in itself.  Most client’s energy damage comes from internal explosion or combustion, stretching and in some cases, shattering, the aura from the inside to the outside.  This requires repair and the knowledge to do so.  Not just a strong belief system!

So some revealing questions to ask (oneself) may be:

‘Am I strong enough energetically, to deal with this client’s issue?’

‘Can I guarantee that my energy field is strong, healthy, resilient and still able to receive information clearly from my client, at all times? No matter what is going on in my life? Or in my client’s life?’

Another good question is:

‘Can I guarantee that my energy field is clear, clean, free from the negative energetic interactions or residues of others during and after each and every session with clients? (or each and every interaction with certain others?)’

What I can guarantee you is this – Asking your self in all seriousness and honesty, and then seeking your own answers will help you to be of more help to your clients, and yourself.

Consequences of Denial

What happens to a client or practitioner who is going through trauma or crisis?

What happens to a client or practitioner who is going through major change/s?

The energy fields, auric bodies which include the emotional and mental bodies, will experience instability.  The integrity of the energy fields are all affected.  Added to this will be the changes instigated as a result of energy work that deals with the underlying or causal issues creating the imbalance or the events leading to the stress /trauma / crisis state experience.

Both change, and trauma present a challenge to the energy fields.  Vulnerability is increased whilst both actions are being dealt with.  Fortunately, kinesiology can offer identification of those things that will best help reduce the stress load on the body and energy systems.  However, extra care regarding the energy experiences can speed the recovery for the individual.

I have seen kinesiologists who thought or believed they could easily handle certain energy balances and situations, who appeared to crumple under the actual experience.  Nightmares, dizzy spells, nausea, sweats, anxiety attacks, panic or sensing things creepy and uncomfortable are some of the usual effects of energy toxicity.

Those that practitioners that regularly have balances as an ongoing support to their work must be commended.  As a practitioner, it is a duty to ensure that we present to our clients at our energetic best.  This is what they come for, and pay for.  And ongoing work is part of this.

It must be noted though, that there are times and cycles in all areas of life, and that on occasion, the practitioner him/her self will experience change as a natural result of this.  Also those seeking excellence are more likely to experience energetic change that may create some temporary instability whilst they integrate the new state of being into their existing schema and systems.

So, then, it becomes clear that energetic awareness becomes important to the practitioner whilst this is happening.  The practitioner her/him self may be at an energetic disadvantage from a particularly toxic client, and consequently ‘wear’ the results energetically.

Summary – Ethical Energetic Interactions

We are now moving into an age where ethical energetic interactions are of paramount importance in protecting both ourselves and our clients.  This is a change we must make.  I deal with this in my HygienEthics (C) Workshop.

We cannot allow ourselves to be half hearted, when we deal with dis-ease interactions, low grade energy imbalances, pathological energies, toxic energies, psychotic energies, trauma residues or the myriad of different energies that result from energy work.  We owe it to our clients, and more importantly, we owe it to ourselves.

In this current climate of energetic change as the ‘norm’, it is important that the practitioner is constantly vigilant energetically to protect both her/him self and their clients.  And to become familiar with the various forms of unseen energetic issues arising from trauma, stress and change, and also as a consequence of dealing with the same.

In this way, the practitioner can assist not only themself, but also have the necessary knowledge to navigate their client energetically through a variety of energetic vulnerabilities to sustained health and wholeness again.

Cheers & Good Health!

Myra Sri

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