A Personal Story

When Living Gets Really Tough!

You may know of someone who has been through a rough time…  I used to totally believe that it was always our own creation and our own karma that produced such happenings.  But I have come to realise that it is not as simple as this.

Anway, read about my miserable and quite pathetic little story here.  As I can laugh about it all now, and the wounds have healed, the scars and the knowings are brilliant reminders of what can happen (and actually quite easily) when we try to help others without taking care of ourself first, or without listening to our inner guidance when it warns us about a person or road ahead.

I hope you can benefit from this true tale of survival!

How I Survived

There is something I want to share with you right here, right now, that shows that the techniques I have written about are real.  So let me tell you how I had to learn these techniques for myself because of what happened to me in my life.

This story is directly from my own personal life.

I know what it is like to be exhausted and depressed!

Quite some years back, I went through a really difficult time, losing everything, and I mean everything.  This was because of someone else’s lies and deceit, and my own naivety (and who hasn’t been taken in at some time or another?)

I lost my property, my income and my health. And found myself interstate knowing hardly anyone, and without family or friends to support me.  Then the very people owing me a lot of money claimed that the opposite was the case.

Even though they had signed an agreement to repay me all that they owed me, and we had drawn up a legal document with a good-standing solicitor, they reneged.  Not only that, they stooped so low as to send a computer virus to destroy all of my proof and records, and then threatened to pursue me to court if I continued to make a claim against them.

This they followed up with a solicitor’s letter, even knowing full well that what they claimed were all lies.  It amazed me that people could live in such level of delusion and denial.

Where to from here?

Weary, heart-broken, disillusioned, stunned and exhausted, and finding myself with nowhere to live, and hardly any furniture worth speaking about, I had to find a way to overcome this situation.

I was broke, lonely, in shock, hurting, betrayed, scared and felt quite lost…

[This is sounding so sad, I want you to remember that I survived and triumphed over all of this… but at least you will know that you are not alone when others try to destroy you… there must be something precious within you that really bothers the dark aspects of this type of person for them to want to go to such lengths…]

I limped back to my original home state and found a cheap room to rent and used my futon couch as my bed.

No income, no clients, feeling betrayed, unsupported, exhausted, scared, and prone to feeling very angry when I could occasionally summon up the energy.

Not only that, I was no longer a spring chicken, and when one gets into their mid-late 40s it is often very hard to find new employment, no matter the qualifications.  “Over-qualified” was the story I kept getting despite my excellent professional and corporate record, which generally meant that they could get someone a lot cheaper, a lot younger and with more energy to give them, even though I could work a lot smarter and faster.  [Some of you may well understand what impact this can have on someone who is reaching that ‘use-by-date’ standard set up in society?]

This was not the first time that I had experienced severe loss and hardship, but this time it was a lot harder to recover.  I no longer had the same resilience, and energy of youth on my side.

And even though I knew so much about self healing, I had no tools for this particular situation.

Doctors couldn’t help me!

Then later, as I was picking myself up and trying to come to terms with things in order to recover health wise, I experienced further shock and a huge sense of shame when I was diagnosed with having Severe Depression.

All the doctors could do was prescribe anti-depressant pills, and tell me to “just think positive”.  What a laugh!

After coming to terms with this shock, I set about healing this aspect of myself, having to dig down to the hidden and buried causes.  This was some valley I was in, and so it was a long hard uphill climb out of it.

However, even though I was getting better in some ways, my energy was still so very depleted.  Because of the damage done on an energetic and aura level, I continued to feel so vulnerable so often that it was like I might never recover, and I would forever be at the mercy of whatever was happening around me.

I was living in a kind of hell!  I did not know how to take care of ripped and damaged energy bodies, nor how to repair them.

In fact I didn’t know that this was what had also happened to me!

No one else seemed able to help me, no matter who I went to, and how clever or psychic or spiritual or knowledgeable they were – So I had to learn to put myself back together again.

I had to learn to recognise what drained my energy, what weakened it, and what strengthened it.

And how I could prevent these things from EVER happening to me again!

So I started to learn about spiritual protection, psychic protection and energy protection.

There was very little written about what was actually happening to me back then.  So I researched all forms of seen or unseen protection – anything I could find on protection –  attending whatever was available or even hinted at regarding protection workshops.

[Frankly, some of the exercise were so wishy-washy and useless that in my despair I wondered what use they could possibly be!  But in all fairness they could probably help some people though obviously not the ‘shell-shocked’ among us.]

I met and worked with clairvoyants,spiritual healers and psychics even more than ever before and began putting together techniques that could not only help me, but help any of my clients who had been through trauma, shock or severe prolonged stress.

Through working with them and through beginning to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ what was happening energetically I was able to test their validity for myself – and also for others.

Not Quite There Yet

Gradually building up my health and physical body through nutrition was only part of the story, because when I started to become strong, someone or something would still be able to ‘upset’ my energy, or energy fields or emotions again, and I would find myself in another heap.  Again…

But I found the techniques which I now teach to others.

You name it, I tried it … all sorts of physical and energetic exercises … but I found the ones that really made a difference…

And here I am passing on these practical everyday ideas and practices for those needing to lessen their tiredness and burdens.  And  improve their energy bodies.

Because of my experiences I am genuinely able to help others.

Because I have been through it, I know what I am talking about.

I am not just a professional passing on information that I have been told about or just read or studied, I have personally learned all of these (and more advanced techniques) which I freely pass on to my clients, students, readers and customers.

I have had many people come to me that had previously tried lots of other therapies, or who had aches and pains that doctors could find no physical cause for, or who had even tried some types of energy healings that backfired, and they were able to take away for themselves these same exercises that I show you and that have been proven to work.

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