About Myra Sri

Myra was born an Indigo Sensitive into a family ill-equipped to assist and nurture her.  Acting as surrogate for the family problems and issues semi-prepared her for eventually understanding and working in a world of conflicting energies.  The close-down of her own gifts from family conditioning, denials and punishments pushed her reliance onto her own Soul and spiritual resources, and eventually gave way to a more comprehensive understanding of subtle body anatomy.

Myra began her healing and kinesiology career in the late 80’s. Having a background in corporate and accounting industries, in both large and small concerns, and gaining further life experiences in the advertising, entertainment, building and development, Myra found that she had a good basic understanding of some of the problems encountered in the workplace. Raising three children and surviving an oppressive religious evangelical background and violent closet alcoholic husband gave her further understandings on cults and domestic terrorism.

Her kinesiology career expanded to include work with Trauma, the neurology, and the recognition of impacts on the Soul through previous incarnations and experiences, blockages and karmic related issues.  Personal experience, spiritual awareness, vibrational energy trainings and mentorings, and a variety of esoteric studies has honed her work to a fine degree. With over 30 years of study, training and experience and because of her extra-ordinary abilities as a healer / facilitator, Myra is able to reach levels and dimensions in a way that few can accomplish.  Her work can address the mundane, yet include both the physical and the metaphysical, spiritual, soul-journeying, karmic and psychic aspects.

Sensitives and the traumatised have benefited from working with Myra.

Channeling from Source enabled her to hear, track, illustrate and document the new Extra-ordinary Evolved Chakra systems.

Interested in assisting those who wish to help themselves and who can’t attend her workshops or kinesiology trainings, she has published a book series: Energy Healing Secrets Series.

She continues to write, documenting her research and her advanced healing modalities and information.