About Myra Sri

Professional Kinesiologist. Spiritual Facilitator. Workshop Developer & Facilitator. Writer. Artist

Instructor & Practitioner: SoulQuest Series, Energy Kinesiology, NeuroLinguistic Kinesiology (NLK) & Kinergetics

New Earthing Chakras Series Workshops,  Crystals Workshop,  Protection & Energy Ethics Workshop,  Past Life Workshop


Myra Sri - Energy Healer and Teacher

Myra Sri – Energy Healer and Teacher

Some Life and Personal Facts on Myra Sri

Born in the UK, in humble beginnings, Myra migrated to Australia many years ago and currently lives there.  Always a  Spiritual seeker, she was married young and after a long-term marriage to a closet Alcoholic and abusive Christian, she eventually divorced him.

This marked her departure from organised religion or born-again ‘faith’, and led her on a personal spiritual journey of discovery.   Travelling  around the world, she regularly visited England and family there every 5 years or so. She has 3 grown sons, and several gorgeous grandchildren.

Her previous career and life experiences have been wide and varied.  Her professional background includes corporate and small business, working in manufacturing, accounts and administration, property development, hospitality, theatre and media as well as running PR consultancies to name a few.  Her range has included starting out working behind counters, to sole business as well as administration and Director including a public company.  With varied professional trainings along the way.  But she was always a “people-person”.

After her introduction to kinesiology in 1990 and then beginning her kinesiology training, she discovered its potentials and some unusual applications due to her spiritual leanings, and consequently developed advanced kinesiology workshops, which she also teaches.  Myra has practised and taught overseas and interstate.

In her youth, she was top in her art class. She won a scholarship, but due to family needs and demands was prevented from pursuing her ambitions, and she had to cut short her higher education to follow family directives.  Myra has since redressed this, and during 2003 – 2005 she reignited her passion, picked up the brushes, painted like a fiend (loving every paint-spotted minute) and subsequently held a successful art exhibition as a self taught Artist in 2006.  The experience was totally liberating for her.

She wrote her first book in 2007.

She has consulted to a variety of clients and students – including Housewives, CEO’s,  Healers, Clairvoyants and Psychics, Opera Singers, Ballet Dancers, Performers, Professors, Public Personalities and Very Ordinary People on the spiritual path. Past titles awarded by her colleagues have included: Queen of Affirmations, Past Life Queen, The Healer’s Healer, Ethical Healer, Queen of Hearts, Psychic Kinesiologist.

Myra maintains a good sense of humor, is known for her down-to-earth candor and her caring and support, and loves being involved in the process of another’s self development and assisting with providing peace and comfort to the souls on a spiritual journey and path.


Myra works with Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Vibrational Therapy, Life Coaching,  Soul Healing & Re-Integration, Trauma,  Chakra Balancing / Cleansing / Healing, The New Chakra Systems


Myra’s personal comments on Life and Meaning

‘Things I have Experienced, Overcome or Learned From';
  • Service to Others irrespective of the Harm to One’s self is Self Abuse
  • Evangelical Authoritarianism through Guilt, Martyrdom or Dictatorship is a Power Trip and born of Ego
  • Being Responsible for Others inappropriately Keeps One Down & Chained
  • Having to Choose between Money OR Love is a False Choice and a Lie
  • Looking after the Self is NOT Selfishness
  • Fear of  ‘Hurting Others’ by Taking Care of Oneself  prevents Others from Learning the Consequences of Their Actions and from Growing
  • Those Claiming to be acting on behalf of ‘the Lord’ or ‘God’ don’t always do so. You shall know them by their Fruits
  • Trust Your Gut

God – ‘Some Things I Know through Trial and Challenge':

  • The Lies that only certain ‘Chosen’ can hear the Voice of God – Who Said?
  • That ‘God’ is actually one’s own Highest & Excellent Divinity, Priority and interpretation, not some scary third person (Whose purpose is to spy on or punish you)
  • Discovering that ‘God’ is not Out-There, nor is ‘God’ Male, nor is ‘God’ hanging around waiting just to listen to one’s problems and whinges
  • That Divinity resides within, and is Revealed with the Right/Correct Understandings
  • That Everyone has a Right (and the Dna) to be called a Child of God
  • That ‘God’ depends totally on what that means to you. And that can change as you Explore


‘Some Life Lessons’

  • That I (and you!) can Create my (or your) Life in a Conscious Way
  • That percieved Emotions such as Anger or Fear etc can serve a purpose, once we learn what they are for and how to use them Positively
  • Both men and women can have problems with Emotions.  The basic lesson is the same, though the path is different
  • The Body Never Lies.  The Intellect, Mind or Ego can and Will (lie), but the Body holds All, as it can’t talk itself out-of or in-to things
  • That Energy follows Thought, and so to watch one’s thoughts
  • That we have all the Tools and Resources we need when we ‘Smart’-up
  • That Right Now on Planet Earth is a Time for Planting a New World for yourself (as well as others) – so Focus on What You Would Like to See Unfold