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Turn Obstacles / Challenges Into Opportunities

Finally I have taken heed to the inner promptings, and I sit here writing to you in my first posting for my newsletter.

In a way, it is a little scary to expose myself and my idease to others in print globally. Even though I am confident in my other writings, such as developing my workshops, healing protocols and manuals, and with my co-authored book, this is a new venture, as people I have not yet met in the flesh will be reading my words possibly from every corner of the globe.

I am aware of the possibilities of mis-interpretation of just words, without the vocal tones, facial expressions and accompanying body language.  But I have to trust that my true intent is perceived and that benefit is drawn from my contributions.

Quote:  What you resists, persists!

So many of my clients have been saying more and more how they have felt ‘off track’ or disconnected from where they thought they would be right now in their lives.  A vague sense of dissatisfaction or self criticism harasses them, and some even question their worth.  This has applied to souls on different paths, and not just spiritual, or those not engaged in conscious spiritual pursuits.

Along with this have usually also been family issues, often at a magnitude or intensity not often experienced or not even experienced before.  It would appear that in several life areas, we are feeling ‘shaken’ up or challenged, as we come to grips with the shifts taking place.

Even though these feelings and experiences are uncomfortable, they are providing opportunities for us to examine what is happening, what we have done about them in the past, and how we are going to handle them differently in the future!

5 Steps To Turn Obstacles / Challenges Into Opportunities

One thing I have learned is this: when challenged and needing to devise a plan or to take some sort of action, there is firstly the need to get clear about our true desired outcome.

First, Get Clear – Only then can we keep our eye on and move toward our goal.  It is easy to become disquieted over what makes us uncomfortable, and yet not to see what it is we really want in its place.

Second, we need to examine that desired outcome of ours and question it:  Is this really appropriate for me?  Is this really possible or realistic? Am I aiming too high, or not aiming high enough and hiding myself away?  Are those concerned likely to contribute or support this outcome, or do I need to focus on Higher help during this, and if so, do I trust in Higher help?  If not, why not?  What are the ways I can approach this situation that is also a hidden outcome opportunity?  What options can I see to find my solution?

Third, and in a way, as an undercurrent all the way through this, we can look to become in an ‘observer’ mode – being willing to try experiments to see if they bring us closer to the objective.  When we invest as there being only one way, or only one reaction from another, we restrict the options of others, as well as ourself.  When we open in a way that we haven’t decided the outcome of interactions or actions, then we have more opportunity to discover what will work, and we can simply learn that perceived ‘failure’ is only feedback on our experiment.

Fourthly, and a major key to the process, we can pay closer attention to our inner thoughts – what do we usually tell ourselves about this situation?  What would we normally expect?  What thoughts have fuelled this?  What thoughts can I replace it with?  Affirmations can often help here, but just saying affirmations is not always enough.  Understanding how affirmations work can assist us in using their strenghs better.

Fifth. Deal with any leftover resistance to take responsibility, or any desire or need to be ‘rescued’ from the situation. Get clarity from someone whose advice you trust, preferably a professional, as friends can only help to a degree, and it is wise not to ‘burn’ friendships with continual pleas or pressures.  One major danger is in asking around, particularly friends, how to handle something until one eventually hears what one really wants to hear. Do the work, as now energetically, is the best time to sort things out.  Or things will simply get worse. And worse. And …

Get Help

Energy healing, counseling, spiritual guidance, coaching, Vibrational assistance, kinesiology – all of these are great ways to vibrate and resonate to your goal and all of these are excellent ways help you to move through any blocks you experience so as to get you to your preferred and desired outcome.  Most of you know by now the basics of the Law of Attraction or the Law of Resonance, sometimes called ‘The Secret’.  It’s no Secret when you know what can be done and you do it!

Good Luck!

Myra Sri

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