Solar Flares – and Family

Solar Flares, Moons and Family…

Some of you have noticed the effects of the recent Solar Flares and astrological energy shifts and the resulting impact on not only one’s own energy, but also on some family members and on our family dynamics.  And for some, there seems to have been an increase in issues with family members and loved ones that may not just be simply current ones.  In reality, old genetic memory and old limitations have been coming up for attention by us.  And when these are not dealt with they can also impact on other family members.  Which can mean that you are doing all of the right things, but you may be getting caught up by other family members – directly or indirectly – problems or issues, which can increase or even renew limitations on you again.  Some clients are finding that all of this is impacting upon their lives, and even their sense of ‘future’.

This year’s full moons seem to have been even more impactful than last year’s for some clients, too.  And as “Blood is thicker than Water” the resonances of family in our blood can mean that when someone in family is affected astrologically, we may also be drawn or involved into it energetically.  Aches, pains, a sense of resentment of some sort, quick annoyance, disturbed sleep, misunderstandings, extra-sensitivity, boundary interference, a loss of joie de vivre etc – are signs that something has been disrupted for us personally in our energy systems, bodies, hearts, mind or lives.

To all past and present Clients: I know what it is like to “not feel myself” any more… If you are finding that the recent and current astrological energies have brought disorder or discomfort into your life, or that you are flagging energetically again, and that you need a quick energetic pick-me-up, then you are welcome to contact me for a short appointment to remedy this and to regain balance and harmony again.