I have been asked many times about certain aspects of spirituality and in particular certain terms often heard in awakening or spiritual groups.  Especially on:

  • New Age
  • Ascension
  • New Era and Evolution
  • We Are All One – Or Are We?

New Age

A form of awakening was moving through the Planet in the 1960’s – in certain religious groups various forms of Divine Healing and Revival evangelism was sweeping through England, parts of Europe, Russia and Africa as well as USA and Australia – these were the ones I knew of.  Billy Graham, TL Osborne, Oral Roberts were doing the preaching circuits, whilst Pentecostal Churches were hosting Divine Healing Services.  The Sharon Church Divine Healing Meetings were filmed and televised through England and Russia.  I know because I was there.  The Hippy movement was also thriving; music, philosophy, psychedelia, pot, ‘Love-Ins’ (or rather in some areas ‘free love’) and a yearning for Peace and Freedom (‘Ban the Bomb’ etc) was gripping – but not limited to – the Western World.  This was visible to all.  [Whilst at the same time the further exponential growths in covert and secret agencies and groups was also taking place, with its own furtive autonomous and independent profitable stealth agendas and undertakings.  But that is another story.]

From the 60’s through to the 2000’s, it appeared to me that the ‘New Age’ and its Catch Phrases and attitudes had been seeded.  But not only seeded, they had begun to be maligned and thus misunderstood.  Good intent had found its lowest denomination in some areas and cults abounded.  Certain other interested parties channeled off this urge and need for change with bogus or misinformed ideas and thus siphoned off the willing and naïve intentions in a variety of ways, enriching their own purses at the expense of the promised benefit of another Soul – of which there were many hearing the inner call.

During the 80’s many self-development groups were available to those who felt the shifts and were inwardly propelled to change and grow – and I personally benefited immensely from the insights and encouragement I gained during this time.

Just before we heralded in the turning point year of 2000, the fearful were watching for the ‘Millennium Bug’ – which never arrived – and the religious ‘faithful’ were watching for the Apocalypse (Book of Revelations) and Ascension – which also never arrived.  Though the Millennium Bug is now seen retrospectively as an unfounded fear that made quite a few computer technology companies that much richer, the idea of Ascension in religious circles took on a strong hold and in some areas (particularly in some states) of America there persists almost a continual prayer for the end of the world in this manner.


In the last ten or so years I have repeatedly heard the term ‘Ascension’ in spiritual circles.  It is gaining more hold as a measure of understanding the current energy shifts for some people.

The idea of ‘Spiritual-Speak’ is still with us – that is, that if you know the right terminology then you are ‘Spiritual’.  Of course, we acknowledge that most of us believe that we all indeed have a spiritual aspect, that there is a spiritual side to every living human.  And most people take this as meaning that the spiritual aspect of each Soul is good.  Having worked on the Soul level for many, many years, I can assure you that not all Souls are good.  Seeking for the good in a Soul might make us feel more comfortable – and which I myself had a habit of doing often to my detriment.  I have since found some Souls to be like a black hole; taking every good thing in from around them and giving out no real light.  Interestingly, some of these people can have a wonderful grasp on Spiritual-Speak and have deceived many who considered themselves capable of reading an aura or a heart accurately.  I personally learned that I had to stop projecting who I was onto others; If I am honest, then I take it that they are basically honest too (‘always give others the benefit of the doubt’), if I wish harm on no-one deliberately, then I cannot imagine others wishing harm on someone intentionally (‘there is always good in everyone for no-one means to hurt another’) etc… I had to grow up, wise up, and learn to discern another’s motives when interacting with me.  It has been a costly lesson as I had to plumb a lot of depth in those that I trusted; I had been so taken in and had assumed that they valued me as I valued and respected them.  But some Souls, even though given the opportunity to do so, cannot change old Soul habits and patterns, and they may well default to doing the same old dastardly stuff to someone even though they had contracted to make amends this life-time around.  Betrayal leaves a nasty taste for some time, but it must be remembered that it is NOT the fault of the betrayed.

Even though some who mention Ascension may have an idea of what this means on a positive level, others may talk about it without any understanding at all.  So I will try to clarify my understanding about it.

I receive many email communications and posts on Ascension.  Of all of the articles I have read on or about this, I have still yet to get a clear pictures as to what I am supposed to be ascending from and where I am supposed to be ascending to.  It is such a vague term and as I have mentioned, can be somewhat infected with religious connotations such as Jesus ascending to the skies / ‘Heaven’ etc.  However, in these same writings on it there has been a lot of flowery-talk, a lot of phrases about ‘spiritual / cosmic cleansing’, repeated descriptions of impact of planetary shifts upon us and other spiritual sounding pronouncements.  There are a lot of phrases that get recycled slightly differently.  And fair enough, when we are in the middle of a process some explanations can get a bit repetitively recycled, so to speak.  And these phrases obviously have meant something to the writer, and probably to many readers.  But I have had a bit of a problem with some of it, and I suspect so have my clients and students that want to know ‘Yes, but, what does it all mean?’.

Now, I count myself as spiritual, and I am given to think and believe that I have a good intellectual and spiritual vocabulary, accessibility, experience and understanding regarding such things.  (I refuse to quote here any of my qualifications or enlightenment ceremonies undertaken because I do not need to prove my level of competence in these areas.)  Yet I myself still have no picture that is really clear to me of what the term ‘Ascension’ means.  The only image I get seems to be tied up with the term used for Christ, when he ‘ascended’ up into the Heavens (probably because of my past religious experiences and bible studies which reference this term to a physical ascending into the sky.)

So, just what does ‘Ascension’ mean to the Light Seeker or Spiritual Journeyer today?  I can only answer about the current spiritual process today with what I do know…  And the term that really means something to me is that of ‘Evolution’.


New Era and Evolution

The New Age (to me) was in preparation for the current New Era.  The New Era energies are here and now and have been for some time – actually according to my own reckoning they started shortly after the Harmonic Convergence and then were really coming in around 2000 and were acknowledged around December 2012 (Mayan Long Count Calendar confirmation).  And they will be with us for the next 100 or so years – until the next major energy shift occurs.  This gives us time to fully avail ourselves of these accessible and and impactful energies as opportunities for positive growth and change.

New Age labels no longer hold the same authenticity and can include a whole raft of pseudo-spiritual activities and modalities.  New Era is, to me anyway, a cleaner term, one that does not have the same negative associations.  The New Era we are now in is infusing the Planet and its inhabitants with more Light, more higher energy frequencies and more opportunity for finding deeper freedom from past (incarnational) enslavements and resolving them.  Some are even challenging the Ring-Pass-Not [i]of Karmic Cycling).  Some are breaking free.  However, there are many devices of the Dark to keep the Light Seekers and Journeyers from their goal here on this plane.  The goal of Evolution is to be finally free from these past and current registrations and enforced compliances.

In the early / ancient days we had Schools of Initiation – processes of challenges, learnings on improvement and enhancement.  The Initiates moved through various levels – a form of intellectual, emotional, mental, spiritual and metaphysical trainings, tests and examinations.

But these were individual steps ascending up with each individual’s pathway of abilities, potentials and capabilities.  The Soul was on a journey of its own evolution.  And each Soul still is.  Sad to say, I have observed that there are some people – or rather their Souls – who I cannot see moving forward (or upward) any time soon, no matter how much I would wish or pray it to be so.  And no matter how much Light and Cosmic energies are showered down onto this Planet for them to do so.  It is an individual Soul Choice that each has to make.  And presently, with all of this Light exposing so much corruption, deceit and rot, and getting into the crevices, these Souls impacted by the Dark (or even worse, inhabited by the Dark) are also having their own challenges.  Which many choose not to acknowledge and instead resentfully push onto other Souls around them.  Not everyone will ascend.  Not everyone will Evolve, indeed some will devolve…

Once my image of Ascension was of a physical body that had become totally transparent due to modifications brought about by the embracing and inclusion of 4th Dimensional and 5th Dimensional frequencies.  One metaphysical writer talked of disappearing entirely into another dimension, and thus being no longer visible at all to human eyes.  So they theorised that one simply blipped out of earthly existence to some other realm, plane of existence or dimension.  Nice way to get to ‘Heaven’ fast, or at least away from the dastardly doings on Planet Earth.  However, raising their vibration as much as they could, they did depart the earth Plane, but not as they had anticipate.  This man’s writings made a huge impact on me in my early spiritual journey, and I have huge respect still for him.

And even though I can comprehend his desire, I feel myself that our Ascension, our Evolution may not be as neat as that.  There is so much exposure of Dark practices in this Era and there is still navigation to perform to be clear of it all.

It would be really nice to just work on myself, encompassing more and higher frequencies until I am undetectable to 3D and I just step into another Dimension.  However, I suspect that it won’t be quite that easy to escape the space shuttle we call Earth…

Whilst we are on this subject though, let me share this with you.  My home space is 4D whereas the outside world is 3D.  When I tune in or work energetically, my energies lift to 5D resonances.  If I do not recalibrate and bring my energies back down totally to 3D when I go into the outside world, it has been noted that some folk living entirely in 3D and its paradigms still have difficulty hearing what I say, and even ‘seeing’ me – one of my clairvoyant friends has had to remind me that because I can hold several dimensions at the same time, those in 3D cannot always register me – it’s as if I appear to them as a fuzzy image; not as noticeable to them as physical matter or other humans around them.  I can assure you that I am also indeed in 3D, but these higher frequencies can cause some confusion in their ability to ‘connect’ with me.  Interestingly, other Souls who are also operating at a higher frequency, or seeking a higher frequency, notice me quickly.

So what exactly is my stance on Ascension?  To me it is about Evolution.  The rising or ascending picture reminds me of someone floating up and not connected or grounded to reality, like a balloon being blown this way and that.  To me Evolution means growth.  Development.  Adaptation and integration.  And in the area of Spirituality, not just physicality.  Growth in the here and now.

And within that Evolution there is a Revolution – the revolt of the Soul from its past harnessing, deceptive illusions, enslavements, unmerited and enforced compliance contracts.  The standing-up for accountability.  Far from the sentimentally hopeful ‘Love will fix everything’ stance of the New Age, this is no longer enough, and the true New Era Spiritual Evolutionaries are having to go above and beyond – they are remaining compassionate but they are also demanding freedom, they are demanding real access to their Soul rights, and they are determinedly braving all that is keeping them back via the past and past life connections and resonances.  They know that all it takes for the Dark to triumph is that good people say and do nothing.  In their bones and in their hearts, they are recognising past experiences, devastations and destructions brought about by the Dark; they know what the Souls influenced by the Dark are capable of doing, for they somehow remember them – and they are saying to them; ‘Not on MY Watch!’

Above all, I wish for Peace and harmony.

I have done ever since I arrived back again on this Planet.  I also believe in collaboration, cooperation, enhancement, true justice, freedom, autonomy and respect.  Amongst other things.  And I will do all that I can to expose the Dark and to share information for gaining freedom and evolution beyond this recycling with others who wish for a better life the next time around.  It has taken me most of this life time to remember what my Soul already knew, and to refine that information for this time on this Planet.

We Are All One – Or Are We?

I would like to challenge this blanket statement that I hear so often quoted by those that perceive themselves as being spiritual: We Are All One.

[But don’t get me wrong – there is another statement: ‘We are all Spiritual Beings in a Physical Body’ is generally true.  We are all having physical life experiences and there is a non-visible element to everybody (mostly[i]) that exists.]

We Are All One…

This sentiment is a positive one when applied to a community with one accord, one goal or a deep connection.  We chanted this when I attended a self-development course that worked with some Native American Indian medicine: “We are all one, in the Infinite Sun, forever, forever and ever.”  As I have since discovered that not everyone on that course was actually in the same Soul Group, let alone of the same heart, integrity, mind and goals, I have deactivated and deconstructed the energetic hold which that had on me long ago.  (Our vows and promises will always hold us connected on some level until we denounce them clearly and correctly.)

So why am I challenging this statement: We Are All One…?

It is because over time I have learned something different.  We may all be humans, but we are certainly not of one mind.  We may all be flesh and blood, but we don’t all hold the same value of other human beings at the same level.  This is a phrase that one has to be mindful of when using it.  We may be all one regarding being human, bleeding, hurting, laughing etc.  But I have nothing much in common with a murderer.  To destroy the life of another deliberately, for greed, advantage, pleasure or whatever in order to gain a benefit of some kind is anathema to me.  Do I want to be one with that person?  With a person who refuses to work on their spiritual and Soul development?  With someone who is not only not sorry but who has no compunction in repeating the same deed?  Who would even kill me on a whim?

If I would not allow them in my home, if I would not want them in my kitchen, if I would not like to bump into them on a dark night, then why oh why would I want to be ‘One’ with them?

I have learned that opening up myself energetically to others who have not worked on themselves can create problems for me.  Call it my Sensitivity or my ability to discern, it doesn’t matter to me.  And I am NOT talking about those Souls who are generally of good heart who think differently from me, but those Souls who do not aspire to be the best they can be.  I know the impact of negative people in and on my energy.  I also know that others can utilise the higher or purer energy of another to service their own untidy and greedy energies.  I see it all the time.  Do I really want to spend time cleaning and clearing my energies up so that I can function at my best, only to have someone decide that my energies will do-them-very-nicely-thank-you-very-much, and then proceed to drain me?  I performed enough service to my family without any reciprocation, and I suffered many losses through deceitful Souls to learn that we are not All One in All Things.  I will not be energetically linked or yoked with a bankster, nor a murderer, nor a paedophile, nor a few other nasty types… Would you?  My goal now is to connect with my Soul Group, my Soul Family, and to discover those with whom I have a real spiritual connection with.

What few realise is that what we see when we look at a person is only this lifetime’s choice of personality – most do not see the Soul behind the façade, the Soul that inhabits the body… and simply by virtue of being human many of us are prone to believe what we see.  I know I did.  I was brought up to think that beauty on the outside reflected beauty on the inside.  Hah!  Not necessarily so…

When one becomes aware of the nature of a Soul inhabiting a body, the world takes on a very different view.  If a Soul has a Dark past, one that they have not yet learned from, they generally continue to live that same way unless they choose to change or until they learn the lesson.  And just as we have human tribes, we also have similar groups in Soul circles.  Depending on where the Soul first started out, and where they have traveled to or incarnated since, how they behave is related to who they really are.  And of what they have actually learned.  Some Souls I have found are happy to stay in the sand-pit, whilst others are up to schooling, and still others want to go to a college…  So judging or believing that everyone is on the same level, that everyone is at the same point in their journey is just not practicable, nor is it real. When we start digging into the background of a Soul, of their journeys, their goals and triumphs, their failures and subsequent lessons, their strengths and their purpose, we may well get a totally different picture to the one we see on the outside.

I refuse to be one with all; I will continue to choose those I can align myself with.  This is my right, my freedom and my choice.

But this is my decision for me and I cannot speak for you.

When you wish to be One With All, please be mindful of what you are asking.

[i] Mostly: Most people have a Soul, a non-visible element, that is really who they truly are.  However, in certain cases, the Soul can be replaced by a Walk-in, or the Soul can just exit, which leaves the remaining physical body to operate automatically based on past beliefs, attitudes, programs and desires etc.  This is a rather wide field and these cases are generally rare.  But the initial generalisation does require some qualification.  There are also cases of Souls being taken over by the Dark, and it is a Dark entity that is running the show, with the Soul in a back room of the being somewhere – we may call this possession, or being puppeted, or held hostage spiritually – somehow Dark has been allowed in or has overtaken a person, and is now putting on a performance.  I have also actually met two people whom I felt to have no Soul, no Soul at all.  One case was a small child – the eyes of the baby were totally dead, there was no life force at all, yet the infant itself seemed to be ok.  I cannot give you any further explanation on this because it was before I had assembled the tools that I now use, and did not question it further at the time.  Another case was an adult man, whose dead eyes lacked light, lacked emotion, lacked any recognition.  I know what despair looks like, depression exhaustion, fear, anger, inadequacy, resentment etc but the look in his eyes were just totally blank – and he was somehow ‘missing’.  I cannot explain this, and I admit that I could be wrong.  But knowing what I know now, there are people that I know of whose Souls are no longer with them, and yet they are still being the same insidious, hurtful, grasping, controlling people that they were before.

[i] Ring-Pass-Not: This is a construct set etherically around the Planet and back in time to keep humanity on the tread mill of constant karmic incarnations.  It prevents the evolution (or ascension) to a higher separate plane of existence, totally free from past karmic associations.  It denies true autonomy and authenticity and keeps the Soul distracted and occupied on this Planet in order to support the needs and entertainment of invested ancient overlords.  Ring-Pass-Not can also be seen as a Ring-Pass-Knot, with continual knots that can cause Soul evolution and freedom issues and distract or delay us on our own true Soul Purpose and Destiny.