Thought, Energy and Water

The energy of Thought can be quite powerful.

thoughts have wings

Many people are totally oblivious of the impact of their thoughts.  They may sometimes hear them in their own heads and yet have no idea of their ability to broadcast outside their heads.

Then they may wonder how someone might respond in the way that they do.

Your energy can go before you…

If a happy person walks into a room, the sort of friendly and non-judgmental type, who does not have an axe to grind with anyone there, then they often receive a friendly reception.  This is at the base level of thought-energy-impact.  The miserable person, with thoughts of failure or self-hatred or other negative circlings and cyclings in their mind, can bring the tone of a room down.  Whilst the needy person can make one want to move out of the way – unless we are personally committed in some way to looking after them.

One could say that it is through their attitude that we feel what is going on, and then we respond.  And yes, in a way this is true.  However, their attitude is dictated to through their thoughts… what they think impacts on how they feel.  And vice-versa, for attaching negative thoughts to an emotion or a negative emotion to a thought will create a linking of both that plays and plays like a broken record – until the link is changed and the emotion cleared.

And these negative thoughts create their own force, their own energy – and may even surround them like a form of invisible bubble – permeating their actions and their presence, or at the very least, directing their intent.


Thinking Positive

We often hear others saying that the answer to many problems is to ‘Think Positive’!

This only works if old wounds are healed or dealt with or resolved.  Depression – which can be the absorbed projected anger of others, or even the result of anger turned in upon the self – does not yet know how to think positively.  Long-term depression can actually affect not only the hormones and chemicals in the body and brain, it can cause a form of saturation in the physiology and in the thinking, so it may take some time to emerge from the dark night of depression.

Sometimes anti-depressants can help but only by part treating the symptoms to help stabilise emotion:  the real causes must be dealt with for the cycle to end and for the brain to accept future positive possibilities again.

The Body and Brain

Our bodies are mostly comprised of water – fluids of lymph, blood, secretions, nourishing fluids, lipids; all fluids circulating the body and brain.  Our thinking impacts on our body fluids.  And our bodily fluid state impacts on our thinking…

As the moon creates tidal swells on the oceans, energy impacts affect our own body fluids.  And fluids are present in every part of the body…!

Dr Masaru Emoto explored the impact of energy and emotion on water, and his book ‘Messages from Water’ shares some of his findings.

one of Masaru Emoto’s water pictures

Our own thoughts, and the projected thoughts of others can impact upon our brain and our body’s water composition and function.

The brain requires fluid for the processing of information – it ‘lubricates’ the communication channels, it acts as a conductor for electrical impulses (together with vital minerals) and conjugates and releases toxins from the brain. Neural impulses cannot take place without enough water.

[Medications that are not supported with sufficient fluids put a huge pressure on the brain – dehydration being one of the biggest (and most common) problems – and this does not support healthy functioning not just of thinking capacity, but also of bodily activities, functionality and maintenance.]

Water is vital to existence.  Thought is vital to life.  The right energy supports both. And each supports the other.

pay attention to water

Mercury and Fluoride

Fluoridation in the water was stopped many years ago in Sweden. 30 years ago during my kinesiology studies, I learned about this, along with the detrimental affects of mercury in dental amalgams (also addressed by Sweden back then).  Mercury toxicity in any part of the body, and in particular in the brain, can cause many hidden problems and many confusing symptoms. And many doctors do not test for this, nor even acknowledge its possibility – probably because they are not trained to do so.

A few years ago I was working with a Harley Street doctor who was also concerned about this sort of toxicity. Using energetic techniques in body-mind-health (including the same as I had been using for years) he is making a positive change in his own sphere of influence. And enhancing the health of many Londoners. Water quality was also a prime consideration in health.

Amongst my skills is the ability to identify where Mercury toxicity has lodged in the brain/body… and to help to clear it – easily, safely and naturally.  Hydration enhancement and optimising is another. Some of my clients who drink a lot of water every day and think that this is helping have suffered from an inability to actually assimilate the fluids (a form of osmosis in the body), thus the water simply passes through without being correctly taken up by the kidneys and digestive system.  Simple correction of this can ease many other symptomologies.

We cannot fix what we are not aware of.  Protection of our own personal water supply is vitally important for good health.  As is the protection of our waterways for our future.

water – source of life

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