Myra Sri

Feel lost or overwhelmed?

Are you ready to unburden those things that cause you overwhelm? Are you willing to release the blocks that slow you down, weigh you down? Are you willing to see that your Sensitivity or empathy can be streamlined not to take on the issues of others?

Overwhelm is often caused when too much energy or action is happening and we are not allowed or able to find the time to process and assimilate them all.  It also happens when others – maybe unknowingly, maybe not – project or transfer their own issues, problems, demands or burdens onto us.  When we add a degree of sensitivity into the mix, or if we are recovering from some situation or un-ease, we can be compromised energetically, emotionally, mentally and etherically.

feeling lost or overwhelmed?

Learning how to separate from others ‘stuff’ is essential for sensitive or empathic people.  Some may have to learn how to take time for themselves, whilst others need to repair and strengthen their boundaries.  If you have hidden issues preventing you getting on top of these things, one can struggle for ages and still not find mastery over the situation.  When I work with clients, the goal is not only to clear and to re-balance them on all levels, but to also give them tools to better manage one’s energy and self over time.

If like me you have tried a variety of things, yet still find yourself feeling overwhelmed, don’t give up… I have learned the hard way and there are many that have right tools and energies to support you.

If you feel lost and don’t know where to start to pick yourself up again, maybe I can help.  Maybe the books or tools in these pages might help you to see when others are draining you, and how you can find your way again.  I hope we can help you to release what has been holding you back.

All is not lost…

You can find your light again, we can reconnect you back to your energy source again.

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